Sony patents granted on 19 October 2010

39 US patents granted on 19 October 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D625,734 Transitional graphic user interface for a display of a mobile telephone
2 7,818,784 Communication control apparatus and communication control system
3 7,818,762 System and method for gathering information from users of mobile audiovisual broadcast content
4 7,818,751 Methods and systems for scheduling execution of interrupt requests
5 7,818,724 Methods and apparatus for instruction set emulation
6 7,818,577 Identifying material using a watermark and a signature
7 7,818,507 Methods and apparatus for facilitating coherency management in distributed multi-processor system
8 7,818,446 Controlling data transmission on a data storage network by selecting from multiple transmission modes
9 7,818,439 Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus and transmission/reception apparatus for image and/or audio data and other than image and/or audio data
10 7,818,354 Content reproduction apparatus, content reproduction method, and program
11 7,818,213 Communication system, communication apparatus, communication method, record medium, and program
12 7,818,162 Information processing device, information processing method, semiconductor device, and computer program for executing instructions by using a plurality of processors
13 7,818,032 Portable information communication terminal
14 7,817,875 Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
15 7,817,872 Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
16 7,817,870 Method and apparatus for image processing with color constancy
17 7,817,869 Variable support robust transform for multiple description coding
18 7,817,863 Transmitting apparatus and method, receiving apparatus and method, program and recording medium, and transmitting/receiving system
19 7,817,806 Sound pickup method and apparatus, sound pickup and reproduction method, and sound reproduction apparatus
20 7,817,764 System and method for utilizing a phase interpolator to support a data transmission procedure
21 7,817,650 Data transmission
22 7,817,612 Decentralized wireless communication system, apparatus, and associated methodology
23 7,817,587 Personal information management using content with embedded personal information manager data
24 7,817,537 Matrix switcher and method of controlling matrix switcher
25 7,817,508 Optical disk unit, control method for optical disk unit, and computer readable storage medium
26 7,817,346 Zoom lens and image capture apparatus
27 7,817,263 Mounting apparatus, inspecting apparatus, inspecting method, and mounting method
28 7,817,200 Solid-state image-capturing device, driving method thereof, camera, electric charge transfer device, driving method and driving device for driving load, and electronic equipment
29 7,817,193 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method to display or record images picked up at high rate in real time
30 7,817,185 Image processing device, image processing method, image pickup device, and image pickup method for superimposing a plurality of pictures on each other
31 7,817,144 Information input display apparatus, information processing method and computer program
32 7,817,127 Image display apparatus, signal processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product
33 7,817,035 System and method for effectively determining a physical location of a remote control device
34 7,816,719 Nonvolatile magnetic memory device and photomask
35 7,816,711 Solid-state imaging device
36 7,816,679 Organic compound crystal and field-effect transistor
37 7,816,043 Water disposal system, method of disposing water, and power generation apparatus
38 7,815,815 Method and apparatus for processing the peripheral and edge portions of a wafer after performance of a surface treatment thereon
39 7,815,271 Recording medium driving device and recording medium driving method