Sony patents granted on 20 December 2011

57 US patents granted on 20 December 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 8,082,559 Moveable in-vehicle apparatus operable by multiple users
2 8,082,522 Electronic apparatus
3 8,082,502 Display control apparatus, recording media, display control method, and display control program
4 8,082,385 Systematic memory shift for pre-segmented memory
5 8,082,374 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, method of processing information, and computer program
6 8,082,366 Transmitter-receiver system, information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
7 8,082,259 Information processing apparatus for extracting objects
8 8,082,256 User terminal and content searching and presentation method
9 8,082,216 Information processing apparatus, method and program having a historical user functionality adjustment
10 8,082,121 Information processing device, information processing method, and information storage medium
11 8,082,098 Information supplying system, apparatus mounted in vehicle, information supplying server, program, and information processing method
12 8,082,069 Information processing apparatus and method of controlling cooling fan
13 8,081,934 Configurable frequency band elimination for powerline network
14 8,081,866 Selected playback apparatus, selected playback method, and program
15 8,081,864 Captured image recording apparatus, captured image recording method, captured image reproducing apparatus, captured image reproducing method, and captured image recording/reproducing system
16 8,081,782 Acoustic-electric transducer, electronic device, method, and computer program product
17 8,081,773 Audio signal processing apparatus, audio signal processing method and imaging apparatus
18 8,081,669 Method of driving laser diode device and laser diode equipment
19 8,081,455 Cooling device and method for acoustic apparatus
20 8,081,454 Gas ejector, electronic device, and gas-ejecting method
21 8,081,439 Electronic device
22 8,081,438 Electronic device
23 8,081,389 Electro-wetting device and a method of manufacturing the same
24 8,081,385 Antiglare film, method for manufacturing antiglare film, polarizer, and display device
25 8,081,345 Head unit, droplet discharging apparatus, droplet discharging system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, status information notifying method, status information updating method, faulty position detecting method, and programs
26 8,081,274 Liquid crystal device having a first polarizing element deviated up to a range of plus or minus 1 degree relative to a Y axis of a second polarizing element
27 8,081,264 Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
28 8,081,255 Image converting apparatus, image signal processing apparatus, camera system and image signal processing method
29 8,081,251 Imaging device and imaging system
30 8,081,248 Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
31 8,081,239 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
32 8,081,238 Image capturing apparatus to record a scene of an object included in a captured image, control method therefor, and program therefor
33 8,081,237 Data recording apparatus and method for protecting hard disk drive and computer program
34 8,081,233 Imaging device and imaging method
35 8,081,225 Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
36 8,081,223 Imaging apparatus
37 8,081,217 Image pickup apparatus for use with a construction table
38 8,081,194 Method for enhancing colour resolution and device exploiting the method
39 8,081,178 Electro-optical device, driving circuit, and electronic apparatus
40 8,081,153 Liquid crystal display device and video display device
41 8,081,066 Damage-resistant vibrator assemblies and wireless communications devices incorporating same
42 8,081,049 Band-pass filter device, method of manufacturing same, television tuner, and television receiver
43 8,081,027 Reception device, control method, and program
44 8,080,939 Reflection plate, light-emitting device and method of manufacturing reflection plate
45 8,080,936 Display device with improved moisture prevention
46 8,080,830 Semiconductor device and method of driving the same
47 8,080,734 Shielded cable
48 8,080,434 Nondestructive testing method for oxide semiconductor layer and method for making oxide semiconductor layer
49 8,080,408 Bioassay substrate and bioassay method
50 8,080,332 Battery pack including cylindrical cells arranged in two rows and two layers
51 8,080,331 Battery pack including eight cylindrical cells in series-parallel configuration
52 8,080,306 Exterior member, method of manufacturing exterior member, and electronic equipment casing
53 8,079,962 Method and apparatus for reproducing content data
54 8,079,764 Light quantity adjusting device, lens barrel, image pickup device, and method of controlling the image pickup device
55 8,079,720 Mirror drive apparatus and imaging apparatus
56 8,079,516 Method for tracking a sales channel of a merchandise item
57 8,079,305 Stamp for soft lithography, in particular micro contact printing and a method of preparing the same