Sony patents granted on 20 March 2012

69 US patents granted on 20 March 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D656,125 Headphone
2 8,141,109 Disc drive apparatus and electronic apparatus
3 8,141,076 Cell processor methods and apparatus
4 8,141,057 Data processing apparatus and associated method
5 8,140,956 Device, method, and program for reproducing data following a countdown
6 8,140,874 Integrated device, layout method thereof, and program
7 8,140,743 Semiconductor memory device and method for operating semiconductor memory device
8 8,140,736 Data management apparatus, data management method, and program
9 8,140,648 Information processing apparatus, content management method and recording medium
10 8,140,458 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
11 8,140,393 Personal Casting Service
12 8,140,329 Method and apparatus for automatically recognizing audio data
13 8,140,189 Apparatus and method for computing operational-space physical quantity
14 8,140,129 Mobile phone terminal and communication system
15 8,140,119 Storage medium and conflict control method
16 8,140,114 Receiving device and antenna
17 8,140,109 Method of operating a mobile electronic device and mobile electronic device
18 8,140,108 Website theme changing using a mobile device
19 8,140,056 Method and apparatus for notifying user of content change of a page outside a displayed portion
20 8,140,049 Power line communication methods and devices
21 8,140,042 Distributing apparatus and method for communication using the same
22 8,140,016 Wireless communication terminals and methods using acoustic ranging synchronized to RF communication signals
23 8,139,943 Optical communication apparatus and optical communication method
24 8,139,942 Remote controlling system, electronic device, and controlling method
25 8,139,926 Reproduction apparatus, reproduction method, reproduction program, record medium, and data structure
26 8,139,922 Playback apparatus and method, program, recording medium, data structure, and manufacturing method for recording medium
27 8,139,921 Program recording reservation system and remote controller
28 8,139,918 Recording medium editing apparatus based on content supply source
29 8,139,887 Image-signal processing apparatus, image-signal processing method and image-signal processing program
30 8,139,883 System and method for image and video encoding artifacts reduction and quality improvement
31 8,139,825 Authentication apparatus and authentication method
32 8,139,793 Methods and apparatus for capturing audio signals based on a visual image
33 8,139,788 Apparatus and method for separating audio signals
34 8,139,776 Wireless receiving apparatus and electronic appliance
35 8,139,664 Reception apparatus, reception method and program
36 8,139,655 System and method for effectively transferring electronic information
37 8,139,648 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
38 8,139,636 Method and apparatus for coding image information, method and apparatus for decoding image information, method and apparatus for coding and decoding image information, and system of coding and transmitting image information
39 8,139,633 Multi-codec camera system and image acquisition program
40 8,139,516 Wireless communication terminal, wireless communication system, communication management method and computer program
41 8,139,463 Objective lens, optical pickup, and optical disc apparatus
42 8,139,171 Audio/display device
43 8,139,167 Projection display apparatus which enables a selected image inverting process to be performed to facilitate registration adjustment
44 8,139,164 Using A/V device to send controlled device communication-related parameters to program remote control
45 8,139,162 Rapid television channel scan using frequency plans to identify channels
46 8,139,152 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
47 8,139,119 Video still camera
48 8,139,094 Thermal head and thermal printer
49 8,139,083 Custom image frames
50 8,139,079 Color gamut component analysis apparatus, method of analyzing color gamut component, and color gamut component analysis program
51 8,139,051 Driver and driving method, and display device
52 8,139,042 Input device and display device with input function
53 8,139,015 Amplification circuit, driver circuit for display, and display
54 8,139,004 Display device and electronic apparatus
55 8,139,003 Display device, video signal processing method, and program
56 8,138,999 Display device and electronic apparatus
57 8,138,895 Force/tactile feedback device
58 8,138,663 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
59 8,138,466 Video signal processing apparatus and method with infrared component remover
60 8,138,421 Flat cable
61 8,138,065 Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
62 8,138,002 Semiconductor light-emitting element, fabrication method thereof, convex part formed on backing, and convex part formation method for backing
63 8,137,832 Spirally wound non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery having insulating members
64 8,137,584 Luminescent composition, light source device, display device and process for preparing luminescent composition
65 8,137,569 Method of fabricating a membrane having a tapered pore
66 8,136,581 Heat transport apparatus and heat transport apparatus manufacturing method
67 8,136,398 Vibration gyro sensor, control circuit, and electronic apparatus
68 8,136,206 Biaxial hinge device and portable terminal device
69 8,136,205 Biaxial hinge device and mobile terminal device