Sony patents granted on 20 May 2008

29 US patents granted on 20 May 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 RE40,318 Headphone
2 D569,376 Keyboard
3 D569,367 Disc player
4 D569,366 Slider mobile telephone
5 7,376,973 Data storage apparatus
6 7,376,843 Remote control of VCR with electronic mail
7 7,376,801 Power saving data storage circuit, data writing method in the same, and data storage device
8 7,376,707 Method and apparatus for automatic sending of E-mail and automatic sending control program supplying medium
9 7,376,626 Information recording medium, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
10 7,376,592 System and method for using a unique identifier to integrate an offline experience with an online experience
11 7,376,559 Pre-processing speech for speech recognition
12 7,376,408 Reduction of near field electro-magnetic scattering using high impedance metallization terminations
13 7,376,278 Graphic codec for network transmission
14 7,376,233 Video slice and active region based multiple partial encryption
15 7,376,069 Double sided optical disc and method for producing the same
16 7,376,061 Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, and contents recording method
17 7,376,028 Semiconductor memory device and method for reading semiconductor memory device
18 7,375,919 Recording and reproducing apparatus
19 7,375,908 Method of manufacturing image stabilizer
20 7,375,883 Lens sheet, transmission type screen, and rear projection type display
21 7,375,757 Imaging element, imaging device, camera module and camera system
22 7,375,753 Solid-state imager and camera system
23 7,375,672 Analog-to-digital conversion method, analog-to-digital converter, semiconductor device for detecting distribution of physical quantity, and electronic apparatus
24 7,375,584 Gain adjustment method, gain adjustment circuit, and optical disc device having same gain adjustment circuit
25 7,374,961 Insulated gate field-effect transistor and its manufacturing method, and imaging device and its manufacturing method
26 7,374,841 Positive electrode active matter and secondary battery using this
27 7,374,290 Projection type display device
28 7,374,104 Memory card
29 7,373,879 Screen printing apparatus