Sony patents granted on 20 May 2014

83 US patents granted on 20 May 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 D705,362 Sheet for portable information terminal
2 D705,336 Video camera
3 D705,212 Audio player
4 D705,195 Earphone
5 8,732,839 Automatically protecting computer systems from attacks that exploit security vulnerabilities
6 8,732,762 Information providing apparatus, information acquisition terminal, broadcast reception terminal, information providing system, information providing method and program
7 8,732,748 Dynamically configurable video input list for TV
8 8,732,745 Method and system for inserting an advertisement in a media stream
9 8,732,710 Device and method for ordering process execution using process step tables
10 8,732,695 Method of distributing software and supplemental display data to a client device
11 8,732,582 Display control apparatus, display control method, display control program, and display system
12 8,732,580 Imaging apparatus and user interface
13 8,732,492 Information processing apparatus and method
14 8,732,471 Data communication method, computer and information storing medium
15 8,732,385 Non-volatile memory, controller controlling next access
16 8,732,377 Interconnection apparatus and controlling method therefor
17 8,732,362 Receiving apparatus and receiving method
18 8,732,353 Transmitter device, receiver device, transmission method, reception method, and transmitter/receiver device
19 8,732,189 Command execution program and command execution method
20 8,732,162 Systems and methods for server management
21 8,731,731 Power management device and power management method
22 8,731,625 Mobile terminal and method of write protection for memory card in the mobile terminal
23 8,731,619 Method and apparatus for displaying an image of a device based on radio waves
24 8,731,471 Communication system and method, information processing terminal and method, and information processing device and method
25 8,731,372 Information playback apparatus and electronic pop advertising apparatus
26 8,731,371 Information processing system and information processing device
27 8,731,316 Information processing apparatus and method, image providing system and image providing method, and program for reducing quality deterioration of an image
28 8,731,310 Image processing apparatus and method
29 8,731,307 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
30 8,731,303 Vanishing point estimation system and methods
31 8,731,302 Moving image extracting apparatus, program and moving image extracting method
32 8,731,283 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and information processing program
33 8,731,281 Wavelet transform on incomplete image data and its applications in image processing
34 8,731,229 Speaker unit and active speaker device
35 8,731,188 Cryptographic processing apparatus and cryptographic processing method, and computer program
36 8,731,096 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and wireless communication method
37 8,731,052 Image processing device and image processing method with feedback control
38 8,731,016 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
39 8,730,904 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
40 8,730,776 Recording device and stray light signal component cancellation method
41 8,730,709 Memory component, memory device, and method of operating memory device
42 8,730,675 Electronic device and method of radiating heat from electronic device
43 8,730,588 Zoom lens and image pickup unit
44 8,730,411 Display device
45 8,730,394 Video display system, video display device, its control method, and information storage medium
46 8,730,390 Picture processing apparatus, picture processing method, program, and picture display apparatus
47 8,730,363 Analog-digital converter, analog-digital conversion method, image pickup device, method of driving the same, and camera
48 8,730,359 Image processing
49 8,730,357 Image processing device, image processing method, and program
50 8,730,356 System and method for automatic flash removal from images
51 8,730,355 Image signal processing device, imaging device, image signal processing method and program
52 8,730,354 Overlay video content on a mobile device
53 8,730,336 Offloading processing of images from a portable digital camera
54 8,730,310 Reproducing device, reproduction control method and program
55 8,730,304 Information processing apparatus, method, program and recording medium
56 8,730,301 Service linkage to caption disparity data transport
57 8,730,275 Display device, brightness adjustment device, method of adjusting brightness, and program
58 8,730,259 Image display device, image display control method and program
59 8,730,248 Multi-graphics processor system, graphics processor and data transfer method
60 8,730,247 Multi-graphics processor system, graphics processor and rendering method
61 8,730,221 Semiconductor integrated circuit, self-luminous display panel module, electronic apparatus, and method for driving power supply line
62 8,730,166 Multi-sensored control stick for enhanced input sensitivity and funtionality
63 8,730,161 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
64 8,730,158 Information processing device, information processing method, information processing program, and information processing system
65 8,730,156 Maintaining multiple views on a shared stable virtual space
66 8,730,155 Operation device having features to assist a user in properly manipulating buttons thereof
67 8,730,145 Shift register circuit, display panel, and electronic apparatus
68 8,730,136 Display apparatus
69 8,730,135 Self-luminous display panel driving method, self-luminous display panel and electronic apparatus
70 8,730,134 Pixel circuit and display device
71 8,730,133 Display device and electronic device
72 8,729,650 Solid-state imaging device and method of fabricating the same
73 8,729,649 Magnetic memory device and method of manufacturing the same
74 8,729,531 Thin-film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic device
75 8,729,476 Radiometric electrical line sensor in combination with mechanical rotating mirror for creating 2D image
76 8,729,450 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
77 8,728,852 Solid-state imaging device, production method thereof, and electronic device
78 8,728,847 Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
79 8,728,660 Anode having an anode lead bonded to an active material layer, method of manufacturing of the anode, and battery including the anode
80 8,728,656 Battery pack and wiring substrate
81 8,728,645 Battery pack
82 8,727,880 Distance, orientation and velocity sensitive controller
83 8,727,845 Attribute-driven gameplay