Sony patents granted on 21 April 2009

49 US patents granted on 21 April 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 D590,866 Projector
2 D590,837 Display device showing network status icon
3 D590,810 Headphone
4 D590,785 Television receiver
5 D590,769 Rechargeable battery
6 7,523,473 Disc shaped optical record carrier
7 7,523,410 Computer systems for the management and distribution of information
8 7,523,214 Content providing server, information processing device and method, and computer program
9 7,523,211 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
10 7,523,199 Distributing an information image
11 7,523,136 Electronic equipment and method for automatic synchronization and communication system
12 7,523,084 Action evaluation apparatus and method
13 7,523,052 Terminal device, accounting system and data processing method
14 7,523,051 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
15 7,523,036 Text-to-speech synthesis system
16 7,522,940 Methods and mobile terminals for display of mobile terminal density information
17 7,522,934 Apparatus, method, recording medium, and program for controlling power of wireless communication
18 7,522,887 Wireless signal switching circuit and wireless communication apparatus
19 7,522,879 Communication apparatus and associated methodology of performing operator initiated near field communication
20 7,522,772 Object detection
21 7,522,748 Method and apparatus for processing image data and semiconductor storage device
22 7,522,726 Transmitter device, transmitting method, receiver device, receiving method, communication system, and program storage medium
23 7,522,691 Phase-locked circuit
24 7,522,593 Transmitter, communication system, and communication method
25 7,522,498 Optical information recording apparatus
26 7,522,483 Disc drive unit and disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus
27 7,522,217 System and method for overlay of a motion video signal on an analog video signal
28 7,522,168 Cell processor task and data management
29 7,522,161 Image processing device and image processing method
30 7,522,101 Positioning system for portable electronic devices
31 7,522,082 Digital-to-analog converter, analog-to-digital converter, and semiconductor device
32 7,521,897 Battery charge temperature control
33 7,521,893 Battery apparatus and discharge controlling method of battery apparatus
34 7,521,839 Exciting method for elastic vibration member and vibratory driving device
35 7,521,821 Circuit apparatus and fabrication method for circuit apparatus
36 7,521,751 Nonvolatile memory device
37 7,521,743 Nonvolatile magnetic memory device and photomask
38 7,521,712 Thin film semiconductor device
39 7,521,711 Display device, method of production of the same, and projection type display device
40 7,521,656 Solid-state image pickup apparatus and control method thereof
41 7,521,624 Content reproduction list generation device, content reproduction list generation method, and program-recorded recording medium
42 7,521,335 Method and apparatus for producing ultra-thin semiconductor chip and method and apparatus for producing ultra-thin back-illuminated solid-state image pickup device
43 7,521,277 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device with low temperature dopant activation
44 7,521,272 Display device producing method and display device producing device
45 7,521,167 Ester group-containing poly (imide-azomethine) copolymer, ester group-containing poly (amide acid-azomethine) copolymer, and positive photosensitive resin composition
46 7,520,970 Immobilization support, process for producing the same, electrode, process for producing the same, electrode reaction utilizing apparatus and process for producing the same
47 7,520,669 Processor, processor system, temperature estimation device, information processing device, and temperature estimation method
48 7,520,442 Input device
49 7,520,053 Method for manufacturing a bump-attached wiring circuit board