Sony patents granted on 21 April 2015

51 US patents granted on 21 April 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 D727,430 Controller for electronic device
2 9,015,785 Terminal apparatus, server apparatus, information processing method, program, and linking application supply system
3 9,015,747 Advertisement rotation
4 9,015,717 Method for processing tasks in parallel and selecting a network for communication
5 9,015,640 System and method for providing direct access to an application when unlocking a consumer electronic device
6 9,015,633 Data management apparatus and method for organizing data elements into multiple categories for display
7 9,015,627 User interface for digital photo frame
8 9,015,612 Virtual room form maker
9 9,015,366 Communication system, terminal device, communication processing method, communication processing program, storage medium stored with communication processing program
10 9,015,112 Information processing device and method, program, and recording medium
11 9,015,053 Audio coding device and audio coding method, audio decoding device and audio decoding method, and program
12 9,015,029 Camera dictionary based on object recognition
13 9,014,970 Information processing device, map update method, program, and information processing system
14 9,014,866 Power supply device
15 9,014,681 Establishing a communication connection between two devices based on device displacement information
16 9,014,537 Information processing apparatus and method, and program
17 9,014,490 Method to measure local image similarity and its application in image processing
18 9,014,444 Method and apparatus for automatic HER2 scoring of tissue samples
19 9,014,431 Image processing device, object selection method and program
20 9,014,428 Object detection using difference of image frames
21 9,014,410 Earphone device
22 9,014,397 Signal processing device and signal processing method
23 9,014,258 Transmission device and method of determining transmission date format
24 9,014,235 Communication apparatus
25 9,014,050 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system
26 9,013,970 Method for copy protection
27 9,013,884 Display, electronic unit, and supporting substrate
28 9,013,636 Communication system, transmitter, receiver, communication method, program, and communication cable
29 9,013,628 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
30 9,013,626 Signal processing circuit of solid-state imaging element, signal processing method of solid-state imaging element, and electronic apparatus
31 9,013,625 Control device, control method, and program
32 9,013,613 Sensor-equipped display apparatus and electronic apparatus
33 9,013,583 Image pickup apparatus and reproduction control apparatus
34 9,013,570 Microscope and area determination method
35 9,013,569 Conveying device, conveying method and microscope system
36 9,013,561 Stereoscopic video processing apparatus, method, and program
37 9,013,558 System and method for alignment of stereo views
38 9,013,535 Information processing apparatus, information processing system and information processing method
39 9,013,504 Information processing device, display control method, a program, and an information storage medium
40 9,013,494 Heads-up-display software development tool
41 9,013,492 Image display device, image display method, and image display program
42 9,013,420 Display device, display program, and display method
43 9,013,402 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
44 9,013,378 Image display
45 9,013,372 Display apparatus, driving method for display apparatus and electronic apparatus
46 9,013,353 Position correction apparatus, position correction method, program, position correction system
47 9,013,348 Radiometric imaging device and corresponding method
48 9,012,095 Electrolyte and secondary battery
49 9,012,066 Anode and secondary battery
50 9,012,054 Secondary battery, battery pack, electronic apparatus, electric tool, electric vehicle, and power storage system
51 9,011,558 Image displaying device and image displaying system