Sony patents granted on 21 August 2007

39 US patents granted on 21 August 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 D549,228 Mouse
2 D549,214 Amplifier
3 D549,212 Combined radio receiver and clock
4 7,260,842 Method, apparatus and computer program product for managing customer information
5 7,260,824 System and method for facilitating TV channel programming
6 7,260,721 Information processing method, information processing apparatus and recording medium
7 7,260,719 Information processing system, information processing method, and information processing device
8 7,260,714 System and method for authenticating wireless component
9 7,260,619 Method and apparatus for supplying information, and storage medium on which an information supplying program is stored
10 7,260,597 Remote manual, maintenance, and diagnostic services for networked electronic devices
11 7,260,596 Distributed service provider
12 7,260,488 Similarity calculation method and device
13 7,260,364 Reverse mounted micro-speaker assemblies and mobile terminals including the same
14 7,260,315 Signal processing apparatus
15 7,260,304 Recording and accessing metadata
16 7,260,295 Optical waveguide and optical transmitting/receiving module
17 7,260,268 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method, recording medium and program
18 7,260,260 Image processing apparatus and method
19 7,260,226 Information retrieving method, information retrieving device, information storing method and information storage device
20 7,260,156 Modulation identification device
21 7,260,043 Recording/reproducing apparatus, and method of detecting state thereof
22 7,260,037 Information-processing apparatus, information-processing method and information-processing program
23 7,259,964 Display device
24 7,259,949 Method and system for ESD protection of balanced circuit board lines
25 7,259,943 Magnetic head having a current-perpendicular-to-the-plane structure and using a magneto-resistive effect
26 7,259,792 Optical system controller for video camera
27 7,259,791 Method of making solid-state image pickup device in-layer lens with antireflection film with intermediate index of refraction
28 7,259,790 MOS type solid-state image pickup device and driving method comprised of a photodiode a detection portion and a transfer transistor
29 7,259,789 Method of producing color filter for solid-state imaging device
30 7,259,644 Substrate having microstrip line structure, semiconductor device having microstrip line structure, and manufacturing method of substrate having microstrip line structure
31 7,259,621 Distortion compensating device and power amplifying device with distortion compensating function
32 7,259,615 Bias voltage supply circuit and radio-frequency amplification circuit
33 7,259,433 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method for producing same
34 7,259,398 Semiconductor light emitting apparatus and method of fabricating the same
35 7,259,089 Semiconductor device manufacturing method that includes forming a wiring pattern with a mask layer that has a tapered shape
36 7,258,935 Magnetic recording medium
37 7,258,904 Absorber and method for producing it
38 7,258,487 Bearing unit, and motor and electronic apparatus having the bearing unit
39 7,258,160 Heat transfer element, cooling device and electronic device having the element