Sony patents granted on 21 July 2009

45 US patents granted on 21 July 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 D596,630 Mobile phone
2 7,565,691 Information processing apparatus, authentication processing method, and computer program
3 7,565,667 Disc apparatus having blower for selectively directing air to pickup or loading device
4 7,565,653 Methods and apparatus for processor task migration in a multi-processor system
5 7,565,626 Method for controlling network devices via a MMI
6 7,565,614 Image data processing apparatus and image data processing method for a video conference system
7 7,565,588 Semiconductor device and data storage apparatus
8 7,565,546 System, method and apparatus for secure digital content transmission
9 7,565,460 Information processing apparatus and method for handling packet streams
10 7,565,458 Cell phone accessory identification algorithm by generating and measuring a voltage pulse through a pin interface
11 7,565,452 System for storing and rendering multimedia data
12 7,565,427 Method of and apparatus for communicating data structures between devices in a networking environment
13 7,565,354 Content acquisition method
14 7,565,352 Information processing device, license information recording medium, information processing method, and computer program
15 7,565,183 Mobile device with selectable camera position
16 7,565,179 No-cable stereo handsfree accessory
17 7,565,113 Method and apparatus to resist fading in mimo and simo wireless systems
18 7,565,109 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method and computer program
19 7,565,107 Communication system, information processing device, and method
20 7,565,060 Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, reproducing program, and recording medium for multi-angle video reproduction
21 7,565,058 File recording apparatus and editing method for video effect
22 7,565,057 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
23 7,565,003 Image processing apparatus and method, printed matter production apparatus and method, and printed matter production system
24 7,564,973 Digital watermark embedding device and digital watermark embedding method
25 7,564,972 Arithmetic device and encryption/decryption device
26 7,564,878 Method for operating an RLAN arrangement
27 7,564,782 Transmission format, communication control apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
28 7,564,772 High density optical disc having recorded characters visibly readable from a substrate side
29 7,564,767 Optical recording medium driving device
30 7,564,766 Laser drive device, laser light emitting device and laser driving method
31 7,564,752 Disc signal evaluation apparatus and disc signal evaluation method
32 7,564,745 Optical pickup and optical disk apparatus
33 7,564,744 Clock system for reproducing apparatus and method
34 7,564,491 Pixel defect detecting/correcting device and pixel defect detecting/correcting method
35 7,564,441 Data processing circuit, display apparatus, and portable terminal
36 7,564,398 Method and apparatus for ad conversion, semiconductor device for detecting distribution of physical quantity, and electronic apparatus
37 7,564,395 Subranging converter for converting an analog signal into an N-bit digital signal
38 7,564,214 Battery pack, charging control method, and application device
39 7,564,155 Bearing unit and motor
40 7,564,079 Solid state imager device with leakage current inhibiting region
41 7,564,064 Semiconductor light emitting device, an integrated semiconductor light emitting apparatus, an image display apparatus, and an illuminating apparatus having a semiconductor layer with conical crystal portion
42 7,564,016 Solid-state imaging device and method for driving the same
43 7,563,539 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
44 7,563,535 Battery pack with insulating film sheath material and method of producing the same
45 7,563,493 Ink jet recording medium, method of ink jet image formation and photographic print