Sony patents granted on 21 March 2006

57 US patents granted on 21 March 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 7,017,184 Image recording apparatus and image processing method therefor
2 7,017,170 Disk cartridge with inner shell supported for rotation in guide groove formed in an upper shell
3 7,017,167 Disc recording and/or reproduction apparatus
4 7,017,158 Multi-processor system, data processing system, data processing method, and computer program
5 7,017,065 System and method for processing information, and recording medium
6 7,017,033 Arithmetic apparatus and arithmetic method
7 7,016,940 Receiving apparatus and method, sending apparatus and method, recording medium, and communication system
8 7,016,935 Network conferencing system, equipment management method and data presentation method
9 7,016,601 Method and apparatus for storing different types of data on the same storing medium
10 7,016,598 Data recording/reproduction apparatus and data recording/reproduction method
11 7,016,559 Optical transmitter-receiver and optical fiber
12 7,016,546 Block area wavelet transform picture encoding apparatus
13 7,016,515 Speaker apparatus
14 7,016,502 Encoder and decoder
15 7,016,446 Channel decoder for a digital broadcast receiver
16 7,016,432 Contactless IC card system
17 7,016,425 Quasi-differential modulation/demodulation method for multi-amplitude digital modulated signals and OFDM system
18 7,016,409 Apparatus and method for use in providing dynamic bit rate encoding
19 7,016,386 Semiconductor laser device
20 7,016,303 Transmitting method transmitting system and transmitter
21 7,016,279 Method for recording and/or reproducing data on/from recording/recorded medium, reproducing apparatus, recording medium, method for recogizing recording/recorded medium, and method for recording and/or reproducing data for apparatus using recording/recorded medium
22 7,016,272 Optical disk device with sled drive decision means
23 7,016,242 Semiconductor memory apparatus and self-repair method
24 7,016,234 Storage device
25 7,016,148 Magnetic head for rotary head drum
26 7,016,137 Tape drive apparatus, recording and/or reproducing method, and recording medium
27 7,016,111 Screen, optical film, and method of manufacturing an optical film
28 7,016,099 MEMS element, GLV device, and laser display
29 7,016,069 Video processing apparatus and printing apparatus
30 7,015,977 Special effect image generating apparatus employing selective luminance/chrominance condition setting
31 7,015,951 Picture generating apparatus and picture generating method
32 7,015,916 Draw processing device and drawing method for drawing image on two-dimensional screen
33 7,015,882 Active matrix display and active matrix organic electroluminescence display
34 7,015,863 Multi-band, inverted-F antenna with capacitively created resonance, and radio terminal using same
35 7,015,758 Gain control circuit, and a radio communication apparatus using the same
36 7,015,573 Method and apparatus for molding module electronic devices and a module electronic device molded thereby
37 7,015,551 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
38 7,015,543 Trench-gate semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
39 7,015,518 HEMT device with a mesa isolating multilayer film
40 7,015,131 Semiconductor device using bumps, method for fabricating same, and method for forming bumps
41 7,015,055 Method of transferring devices, method of arranging devices using the same, and method of manufacturing an image display system
42 7,014,954 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery including vinylene carbonate and an antioxidant in the electrolyte
43 7,014,952 Hydrogen-storing carbonaceous material and method for producing the same, hydrogen-stored carbonaceous material and method for producing the same and battery and fuel cell using hydrogen-stored carbonaceous material
44 7,014,951 Carbonaceous material for hydrogen storage, and method for preparation thereof, carbonaceous material having hydrogen absorbed therein and method for preparation thereof, cell and fuel cell using carbonaceous material having hydrogen absorbed therein
45 7,014,891 Response to the negative-type liquid crystals
46 7,013,942 Apparatus and method for producing print
47 D517,552 Keyboard
48 D517,547 Computer
49 D517,546 Computer
50 D517,529 Remote controller
51 D517,527 Headphone
52 D517,526 Ear piece for a headphone
53 D517,521 Disc player
54 D517,520 Disc player
55 D517,477 Battery charger
56 D517,475 Battery
57 D517,363 Case for disc cartridges