Sony patents granted on 21 May 2013

81 US patents granted on 21 May 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 D682,912 Video camera
2 D682,857 Audio video display device with user interface
3 D682,856 Audio video display device with user interface
4 D682,845 Audio video display device with user interface
5 D682,844 Audio video display device with user interface
6 D682,843 Audio video display device with user interface
7 D682,842 Display panel or screen with a graphical user interface
8 D682,819 Computer
9 D682,818 Computer
10 D682,802 Mobile phone
11 D682,786 Battery
12 8,448,205 System and method for providing available-channel user selectivity
13 8,448,199 Player and spindle motor with skirt section having resin lead-in features
14 8,448,091 Information processor and recording medium
15 8,448,086 Display apparatus, display method, and program
16 8,448,068 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and storage medium
17 8,448,067 Graphics command management tool and methods for analyzing performance for command changes before application modification
18 8,448,049 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, program, and receiving system
19 8,448,017 Memory apparatus, memory controlling method and program
20 8,447,992 Method for distributing content to a mobile device with digital rights and mobile device therefor
21 8,447,878 Receiving apparatus, transmitting apparatus, communication system, and method of detecting buffer setting of relay server
22 8,447,867 Content display-playback system, content display-playback method, recording medium having content display-playback program recorded thereon, and operation control apparatus
23 8,447,861 Communication device, communication control method and program
24 8,447,812 Communication device and method thereof
25 8,447,708 Method and apparatus that carries out self-organizing of internal states of a state transition prediction model, and obtains a maximum likelihood sequence
26 8,447,698 Communication system, communication method, distribution apparatus, distribution method and terminal apparatus
27 8,447,584 Character input apparatus, character input assist method, and character input assist program
28 8,447,507 Navigation system
29 8,447,421 Traffic-based media selection
30 8,447,355 Communication system, settlement management apparatus and method, portable information terminal and information processing method, and program
31 8,447,255 Variable impedance matching network and method for the same
32 8,447,138 Image processor, image processing method and program
33 8,447,102 Vector embedded graphics coding
34 8,447,080 Surface extraction method, surface extraction device, and program
35 8,447,074 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
36 8,447,047 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
37 8,447,041 Audio output apparatus, audio output method, audio output system, and program for audio output processing
38 8,447,002 Receiving apparatus with frequency domain equalizer
39 8,446,993 Receiving apparatus and method for receiving signals in a wireless communication system with improved equalization performance
40 8,446,970 Data processing apparatus and method
41 8,446,957 Image processing apparatus and method using extended affine transformations for motion estimation
42 8,446,945 Apparatus and method for decoding picture data
43 8,446,854 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and reception system
44 8,446,804 Disc inspecting method and disc inspecting device
45 8,446,802 Optical drive device and focus servo control method
46 8,446,801 Reading apparatus, reading method, program, and program recording medium
47 8,446,756 Method of stabilizing data hold operations of a storage device
48 8,446,680 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
49 8,446,517 Imaging apparatus and method
50 8,446,508 Solid state imaging device with optimized locations of internal electrical components
51 8,446,498 Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, and camera with alternately arranged pixel combinations
52 8,446,489 Imaging device, drive control method, and program
53 8,446,483 Binary conversion circuit and method, AD converter, solid-state imaging device, and camera system
54 8,446,477 Imaging apparatus, aberration correcting method, and program
55 8,446,437 Display device, method of driving display device, and program
56 8,446,432 Context aware user interface system
57 8,446,422 Image display apparatus, image display method, program, and record medium
58 8,446,401 Display apparatus and display-apparatus driving method
59 8,446,390 Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
60 8,446,384 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
61 8,446,383 Information processing apparatus, operation prediction method, and operation prediction program
62 8,446,375 Communication apparatus, input control method and input control program
63 8,446,261 Wireless ID management apparatus, wireless ID management method, and wireless ID recorder
64 8,446,251 System, apparatus and method for supplying electric power, apparatus and method for receiving electric power, storage medium and program
65 8,446,177 Inverter circuit and display
66 8,446,139 Current source, electronic apparatus, and integrated circuit
67 8,446,092 Self-light emitting display unit and electronic device
68 8,446,002 Multilayer wiring substrate having a castellation structure
69 8,445,985 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic equipment
70 8,445,980 Memory element and memory device
71 8,445,944 Solid-state image pickup device
72 8,445,912 Thin film transistor structure, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic device
73 8,445,827 Multi-wiring layer solid-state imaging device with increased sensitivity, electronic apparatus, and method for manufacturing same
74 8,445,697 Squarylium dyes including an anchoring group
75 8,445,621 Polyimide resin and photosensitive polyimide resin composition
76 8,445,183 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and pattern formation method
77 8,445,129 Cathode active material, method of manufacturing it, cathode, and battery
78 8,444,882 Anisotropic conductive film and light emitting device
79 8,444,717 Method for evaluating battery safety under internal short-circuit condition, battery and battery pack whose safety is identified by internal short-circuit safety evaluation method, and method for producing the same
80 8,444,329 Camera mounting structure, camera mounting method and exterior panel component of a vehicle
81 8,444,282 Display device