Sony patents granted on 21 October 2008

37 US patents granted on 21 October 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D579,024 Robotomorphic audio player
2 D578,997 Combined speaker box and amplifier
3 D578,994 Portable recorder
4 D578,967 Remote control
5 7,441,255 Disk recording/reproducing apparatus with cartridge drop preventing mechanism having elastic flap portion
6 7,441,190 Agent system, information providing method , information providing apparatus , and data recording medium
7 7,441,127 Power controller and power control method for a portable contents player
8 7,441,124 Recording apparatus and method
9 7,440,927 Regulating the growth of complexity in developmental systems
10 7,440,822 Information providing system, information providing method, and computer program
11 7,440,726 Information providing method for transmitting broadcast signals being received by a user
12 7,440,678 Information recording apparatus and method for recording information onto a rewritable-type recording medium
13 7,440,613 Binary mask interpolation
14 7,440,612 Image processing apparatus and method capable of correcting gradation of image data
15 7,440,596 Image verification system and method using residual fingerprint detection
16 7,440,506 Receiver for recovering data from an OFDM symbol
17 7,440,505 Wireless impulse transmitter, receiver, and method
18 7,440,428 Method and system for persisting content in decentralized network
19 7,440,383 Optical pickup device and recording and/or reproducing apparatus
20 7,440,376 Operation condition setting system
21 7,440,374 Recording medium, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method and reproduction method
22 7,440,365 Recording method for recording data on a storage medium
23 7,440,059 Reflection type liquid crystal display element and liquid crystal display unit
24 7,440,029 Apparatus and method for processing informational signal
25 7,439,983 Method and apparatus for de-indexing geometry
26 7,439,929 Tuning antennas with finite ground plane
27 7,439,884 Sampling rate conversion device and method, and audio device
28 7,439,786 Power amplification circuits
29 7,439,546 Semiconductor light emitting device, its manufacturing method, semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
30 7,439,283 Flame retardant resin composition and flame-retardant injection-molding
31 7,439,118 Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit
32 7,439,068 Plasma monitoring method, plasma processing method, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and plasma processing system
33 7,438,996 Mask correcting method
34 7,438,872 Steam oxidation apparatus
35 7,438,547 Optical recording medium and master disc for manufacturing optical recording medium
36 7,438,475 Bearing unit, and motor and electronic equipment, both equipped with the bearing unit
37 7,438,450 Surface light source device and liquid crystal display assembly