Sony patents granted on 21 October 2014

53 US patents granted on 21 October 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 8,869,231 Information processing unit for acquiring television program-related information
2 8,869,214 Device control apparatus, device control method and computer program
3 8,869,213 Reception device
4 8,869,209 Display device and transmitting device
5 8,869,190 Enablement of premium content for internet video client
6 8,868,904 Information processing device, disc, information processing method, and program
7 8,868,840 Information processing device and method, and program
8 8,868,627 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
9 8,868,625 Information processing device, data processing system and method, and computer program
10 8,868,585 Contents replay apparatus and contents replay method
11 8,868,430 Methods, devices, and computer program products for providing real-time language translation capabilities between communication terminals
12 8,868,413 Accelerometer vector controlled noise cancelling method
13 8,868,336 Information processing apparatus, program, information processing method, and map data
14 8,868,016 Acoustic signalling to switch from infrastructure communication mode to ad hoc communication mode
15 8,867,918 Remote controller
16 8,867,889 Apparatus, method, and computer program for processing information
17 8,867,824 Image processing apparatus, method, and program
18 8,867,774 Portable audio output device
19 8,867,664 Midamble allocations for MIMO transmissions
20 8,867,654 Transmission device, communication system, transmission method and program
21 8,867,617 Image transmission method, image receiving method, image transmission device, image receiving device, and image transmission system
22 8,867,581 Semiconductor laser and method of manufacturing the same
23 8,867,324 Reproducing device and reproducing method
24 8,867,266 Method for driving storage element and storage device
25 8,867,195 Attachment/detachment mechanism for electronics unit, electronics unit, power supply unit, and electronics apparatus
26 8,867,148 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
27 8,866,980 Display device having a barrier section including a spacer arrangement
28 8,866,974 Method of and apparatus for utilizing video buffer in a multi-purpose fashion to extend the video buffer to multiple windows
29 8,866,965 Imaging device for adjusting a distance between an image sensor and a lens
30 8,866,950 Imaging device and imaging apparatus having plasmon resonator
31 8,866,946 Data processor, solid-state imaging device, imaging device, and electronic apparatus
32 8,866,941 Solid state imaging device with wiring lines shifted for pupil correction and simplified wiring pattern and method of manufacturing the same
33 8,866,895 Passing control of gesture-controlled apparatus from person to person
34 8,866,885 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
35 8,866,884 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
36 8,866,855 Electronic device, method of displaying display item, and search processing method
37 8,866,851 Displaying a sequence of images and associated character information
38 8,866,832 Image processing device and image processing method for displaying high resolution images
39 8,866,824 Image processing method, image processing device, and display apparatus
40 8,866,776 Information processing device adapted to receiving an input for user control using a touch pad and information processing method thereof
41 8,866,773 Remote control apparatus, remote control system, remote control method, and program
42 8,866,772 Information processing terminal and method, program, and recording medium
43 8,866,754 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and information processing program
44 8,866,718 Drive circuit and display device
45 8,866,277 Package substrate, module and electric/electronic devices using the same
46 8,866,251 Solid-state imaging element having optical waveguide with insulating layer
47 8,866,133 Display device
48 8,866,132 Semiconductor device and electronic unit
49 8,865,350 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
50 8,865,339 Battery pack
51 8,865,286 Optical information recording medium
52 8,864,587 User device position indication for security and distributed race challenges
53 8,864,317 Projection display