Sony patents granted on 22 April 2008

38 US patents granted on 22 April 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D567,216 Wireless headset
2 7,363,636 Disk recording and/or reproducing apparatus with a disk transport
3 7,363,512 System and method of content copy control
4 7,363,481 Information processing method for controlling the function of a plurality of processors, program for realizing the method, and recording medium
5 7,363,448 Data storage apparatus, data processing method, recording medium, and program
6 7,363,443 Systems and methods for saving data
7 7,363,384 Selection of content in response to communication environment
8 7,363,333 Recording method, recording apparatus, and recording medium
9 7,363,307 Apparatus and method for communicating hierarchical structures of directories
10 7,363,108 Robot and control method for controlling robot expressions
11 7,362,962 Information-recording apparatus, information-recording method, information-reproducing apparatus, information-reproducing method, and information-recording medium
12 7,362,960 Data recording method and data recording system as well as data recording medium
13 7,362,958 Data recording method, recording apparatus, and data output method
14 7,362,954 Recording apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
15 7,362,947 Device, method, and system for video editing, and computer readable recording medium having video editing program recorded thereon
16 7,362,900 Apparatus and method for processing images, recording medium, and program
17 7,362,894 Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
18 7,362,893 Image encoding apparatus and method, and image decoding apparatus and method
19 7,362,872 Method for noise reduction of a FM signal
20 7,362,870 Method and apparatus for recording/playing back information
21 7,362,838 Synchronization method and system, and decoder
22 7,362,825 Receiving device and integrated circuit for reception
23 7,362,794 Channel equalisation
24 7,362,736 Wireless information transmitting system, radio communication method, radio station, and radio terminal device
25 7,362,684 Recording/reproducing device
26 7,362,671 Optical disc recording and/or playing apparatus and method
27 7,362,666 Recording and/or playback device
28 7,362,614 Non-volatile semiconductor storage apparatus
29 7,362,607 Solid-state memory device and method for arrangement of solid-state memory cells
30 7,362,510 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
31 7,362,482 Inline type speckle multiplexed hologram recording apparatus and inline type speckle multiplexed hologram recording method
32 7,362,388 Liquid crystal display device, and optical block
33 7,362,385 Image conversion device image conversion method and image projection device
34 7,362,379 Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
35 7,362,364 Solid-state image pickup device with photoelectric charge transferrer to a floating diffusion region
36 7,361,428 Battery device
37 7,360,715 External storage apparatus and control apparatus thereof, and data transmission/reception apparatus
38 7,360,550 System for recycling spent sulfuric acid, method for recycling spent sulfuric waste liquid, and recycled sulfuric acid