Sony patents granted on 22 August 2006

34 US patents granted on 22 August 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 D527,007 Input pen
2 D526,992 Combined disc player and radio receiver
3 D526,958 Combined charger and connector
4 7,096,489 System and method for interactive television
5 7,096,472 Systems and methods for ensuring atomicity of processes in a multitasking computing environment
6 7,096,461 Method and apparatus for digital signal processing and method of providing extension function
7 7,096,431 Menu display apparatus and menu display method
8 7,096,410 Turbo-code decoding using variably set learning interval and sliding window
9 7,096,363 Person identification certificate link system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program providing medium
10 7,096,237 Recording and/or reproduction apparatus, file management method and providing medium
11 7,096,211 Apparatus and method for image/position display
12 7,096,201 Copyright management apparatus, copyrighted-work distribution apparatus, and copyrighted-work distribution and receiving system
13 7,096,130 Charging/discharging apparatus and method, power supplying apparatus and method, program storing medium, and program
14 7,096,080 Method and apparatus for producing and distributing live performance
15 7,096,079 Audio processing and image generating apparatus, audio processing and image generating method, recording medium and program
16 7,095,946 Information processing method, information processing system and information processing apparatus
17 7,095,764 Laser driving method and laser driving device
18 7,095,701 Optical disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus and aberration adjustment method
19 7,095,700 Optical disc medium, optical disc recording/reproducing apparatus and method
20 7,095,699 Detection apparatus, detection method and electron beam irradiation apparatus
21 7,095,694 Information recording medium, storage medium, information reproduction apparatus and method, and information recording and reproduction apparatus and method as well as providing medium
22 7,095,693 Optical disc device and control method using preceding sub-beam to detect a disc defect
23 7,095,687 Optical pickup device that corrects the spot shape of reflected light beams
24 7,095,650 Magnetic memory device and method for production thereof
25 7,095,629 Switching power supply circuit
26 7,095,557 Projection screen and method for manufacturing the same
27 7,095,449 Special effect image generating apparatus
28 7,095,402 Portable information terminal apparatus, information processing method, computer-program storage medium, and computer-program
29 7,095,308 Step-up transformer
30 7,095,082 Electrooptical device, substrate for driving electrooptical device and methods for making the same
31 7,094,994 Heat treatment apparatus and method of semiconductor wafer
32 7,094,979 Switching device and portable terminal device
33 7,094,153 Virtual space control method
34 7,093,754 Data recording apparatus and method, and data reproducing and method