Sony patents granted on 22 February 2011

59 US patents granted on 22 February 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D633,123 Camera
2 7,895,636 Apparatus for outputting content
3 7,895,634 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, and program and data recording medium therefor
4 7,895,632 Cable diagnostic and monitoring system
5 7,895,626 System and method for neighborhood optimization for content recommendation
6 7,895,617 Content substitution editor
7 7,895,616 Reconstitution of program streams split across multiple packet identifiers
8 7,895,439 Watermarked material processing
9 7,895,384 Portable terminal and USB device
10 7,895,351 Information recording/reproducing system, information recording/reproducing apparatus and information recording/reproducing method
11 7,895,274 Information processing apparatus and program for providing image data to a terminal
12 7,895,272 Data communication system and data communication method
13 7,895,265 Method and system for identifying a time specific event
14 7,895,248 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium and program
15 7,895,201 Information processing apparatus, methods, and program for searching sets for an element
16 7,895,180 Content filtering method, apparatus thereby, and recording medium having filtering program recorded thereon
17 7,895,076 Advertisement insertion, profiling, impression, and feedback
18 7,895,065 Method and apparatus for an itinerary planner
19 7,894,863 Communication system, communication apparatus, and operation control method
20 7,894,853 Wireless communication system, a wireless communication apparatus, a wireless communication method, and a computer program
21 7,894,770 Communication system and communication apparatus
22 7,894,720 Shooting system and interface box
23 7,894,706 Method of recording compressed image data multiplexed with additional information
24 7,894,702 Method and apparatus of obtaining directivity
25 7,894,603 Recording system and method, recording device and method, input device and method, reproduction system and method, reproduction device and method, recording medium, and program
26 7,894,600 Encrypting apparatus and encrypting method
27 7,894,542 Device and method for controlling a selection of antennas in a wireless communication system
28 7,894,535 Systems and methods for distributing and/or playing multicasted video signals in multiple display formats
29 7,894,527 Multi-stage linked process for adaptive motion vector sampling in video compression
30 7,894,522 Classified filtering for temporal prediction
31 7,894,424 Content using method, content using apparatus, content recording method, content recording apparatus, content providing system, content receiving method, content receiving apparatus, and content data format
32 7,894,414 Home network using wireless module
33 7,894,310 Content reproduction system, content reproduction apparatus, and content reproduction method
34 7,894,147 Lens module and electronic apparatus
35 7,894,015 Backlight device and liquid crystal display apparatus
36 7,894,014 Backlight device and liquid crystal display apparatus
37 7,893,982 Solid-state image sensing device
38 7,893,974 Apparatus, method, and computer program for processing information
39 7,893,961 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method as well as program
40 7,893,951 Image display apparatus and image display method
41 7,893,932 Electronic circuit, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus including the same
42 7,893,922 Touch sensor with tactile feedback
43 7,893,895 Pixel circuit, display device, driving method of pixel circuit, and driving method of display device
44 7,893,892 Image display device and the color balance adjustment method
45 7,893,845 Socket and plug connector for electronic device
46 7,893,796 High frequency device, power supply device and communication apparatus
47 7,893,783 Resonator, oscillator, and communication apparatus
48 7,893,608 Organic electroluminescent element and display device
49 7,893,515 Photodetector integrated chip
50 7,893,471 Semiconductor apparatus with a crystalline dielectric film and method of manufacturing said semiconductor apparatus
51 7,893,454 Method for producing structured substrate, structured substrate, method for producing semiconductor light emitting device, semiconductor light emitting device, method for producing semiconductor device, semiconductor device, method for producing device, and device
52 7,893,125 Method of forming a crosslinked polymer gel
53 7,892,887 Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
54 7,892,618 Deterring theft of optical media
55 7,892,063 Method of manufacturing tubular carbon molecule and tubular carbon molecule, method of manufacturing recording apparatus and recording apparatus, method of manufacturing field electron emission device and field electron emission device, and method of manufacturing display unit and display unit
56 7,891,864 Method, device and system for controlling heating circuits
57 7,891,817 Projection display apparatus for reducing optical elements
58 7,891,751 Liquid ejector and method for ejecting liquid
59 7,891,559 Information processing device, information providing device, information processing method and information providing method