Sony patents granted on 22 June 2010

33 US patents granted on 22 June 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D618,266 Camera
2 D618,171 Rechargeable battery
3 7,743,337 Electronic map apparatus and electronic map display method
4 7,743,326 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium, and program
5 7,743,268 Apparatus, method, and program for communication
6 7,743,219 Information processing unit, computer control method, and information storage medium
7 7,743,135 Display-screen-sharing system, display-screen-sharing method, transmission-side terminal, reception-side terminal, and recording medium
8 7,743,037 Information processing apparatus and method and program
9 7,742,784 Wireless communication system, a wireless communication apparatus, a wireless communication method, and a computer program
10 7,742,691 Image stabilizer, lens device and imager apparatus
11 7,742,690 Imaging apparatus and method for processing imaging results
12 7,742,680 Apparatus and method for processing signals
13 7,742,678 Encoded signal characteristic point processing apparatus
14 7,742,648 Image information encoding apparatus and image information encoding method for motion prediction and/or compensation of images
15 7,742,637 Apparatus, method, and program for taking an image, and apparatus, method, and program for processing an image
16 7,742,604 Integrated circuit device, information processing apparatus, memory management method for information storage device, mobile terminal apparatus, semiconductor integrated circuit device, and communication method using mobile terminal apparatus
17 7,742,599 Apparatus and method for an iterative cryptographic block
18 7,742,369 Content reproduction system, content reproduction apparatus, and content reproduction method
19 7,742,236 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
20 7,742,231 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
21 7,742,217 Image generation unit and method to use an image generation unit
22 7,742,099 Incorporating imaging unit position data
23 7,742,094 System and method for classifying files in an information processing device
24 7,742,092 Solid-state imaging device, pixel-signal processing method, analog-signal transferring device, and analog-signal transferring method
25 7,742,089 CMOS solid-state image pickup device and drive method thereof
26 7,742,081 Imaging apparatus for imaging an image and image processor and method for performing color correction utilizing a number of linear matrix operations
27 7,742,079 Digital camera with automatic functions
28 7,742,039 Information processing apparatus
29 7,742,037 Input device, input method and electronic equipment
30 7,742,027 Pixel circuit and display apparatus
31 7,741,940 Actuator device for optical device and image-capture apparatus
32 7,741,924 Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator and temperature compensation method for oscillator
33 7,741,162 Method for manufacturing high-frequency module device