Sony patents granted on 22 March 2011

63 US patents granted on 22 March 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D634,731 Headphone
2 D634,730 Headphone
3 7,913,315 Recording apparatus that records information for protecting intangible property right, recording method thereof, record medium thereof, and program thereof
4 7,913,307 Semiconductor integrated circuit and information processing apparatus
5 7,913,276 Data-providing system, transmission server, data terminal, apparatus, authoring apparatus and data-providing method
6 7,913,271 Broadcast program processing apparatus, computer system, broadcast program evaluation system, and computer program
7 7,913,257 Scheduling method, scheduling apparatus and multiprocessor system
8 7,913,175 Information processing apparatus and method
9 7,913,146 Optical disk manufacturing method and device, optical disk, and reproduction method thereof
10 7,913,111 Recording medium, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method and reproduction method
11 7,913,090 Authentication systems and authentication method
12 7,913,072 Information-processing apparatus and activation method thereof
13 7,913,059 Information processing device, data transfer method, and information storage medium
14 7,912,893 System, method, and computer program product for media publishing request processing
15 7,912,876 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer program
16 7,912,731 Methods, storage medium and apparatus for encoding and decoding sound signals from multiple channels
17 7,912,716 Generating words and names using N-grams of phonemes
18 7,912,711 Method and apparatus for speech data
19 7,912,706 On-line predictive text dictionary
20 7,912,696 Natural language processing apparatus and natural language processing method
21 7,912,583 Environment map building method, environment map building apparatus and mobile robot apparatus
22 7,912,451 Limiting use of electronic equipment features based on location
23 7,912,444 Media portion selection system and method
24 7,912,340 Data processing apparatus
25 7,912,301 Image decoding apparatus and method for handling intra-image predictive decoding with various color spaces and color signal resolutions
26 7,912,293 Image processing system and image judgment method and program
27 7,912,277 Data processing apparatus and data processing method
28 7,912,168 Wireless communication apparatus and method thereof
29 7,912,129 Uni-modal based fast half-pel and fast quarter-pel refinement for video encoding
30 7,912,105 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser
31 7,912,045 Data streaming communication system and method
32 7,912,017 Wireless connection system and wireless connection method
33 7,911,929 Optical disk read only memory
34 7,911,916 Beam applying method, beam applying apparatus, and optical recording medium
35 7,911,913 Information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus, information recording method, information reproducing method, and optical information recording medium
36 7,911,912 Optical disc recording apparatus and methods using pseudo-random number sequence for recording auxiliary information
37 7,911,895 Method for restoring data stored on an optical disc and optical disc drive suitable therefore
38 7,911,887 Data recording and reproducing apparatus, data recording and reproducing method, and computer program
39 7,911,885 Recording control device and method, program, and recording medium
40 7,911,697 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
41 7,911,607 Light measuring device and scanning optical system
42 7,911,596 Image pickup apparatus
43 7,911,540 Tone conversion apparatus, image display apparatus using the same, and tone conversion method
44 7,911,533 Method and apparatus for processing information, storage medium, and program
45 7,911,519 Solid-state image pickup device, driving method thereof, and camera system
46 7,911,509 Adaptive video encode scaling
47 7,911,508 Recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/reproducing apparatus control method
48 7,911,447 Information processing device for controlling object by using player image and object control method in the information processing device
49 7,911,434 Level converter circuit, display device and portable terminal device
50 7,911,410 Peripheral with a display
51 7,911,401 Earphone antenna and wireless device including the same
52 7,911,382 System and method of transferring location assistance information between electronic devices
53 7,911,376 Systems and methods for antenna array calibration
54 7,911,322 Information processing apparatus and method, and non-contact IC card device
55 7,911,280 Amplifier stage
56 7,911,244 Differential drive circuit and communication device
57 7,910,954 Image sensor element and image sensor
58 7,910,820 Information processing apparatus and method, program, and record medium
59 7,910,673 Antistatic agent for thermoplastic resin and antistatic resin composition
60 7,910,033 Method for manufacturing image display device
61 7,910,029 Control method of injection molding and control apparatus of injection molding
62 7,909,469 Image projecting apparatus and image projecting method for use in the same
63 7,909,312 Vibration-shock absorbing mechanism and content reproducing apparatus