Sony patents granted on 22 May 2012

54 US patents granted on 22 May 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 8,185,924 Information processing device, information processing method, and information processing program
2 8,185,921 Parental control of displayed content using closed captioning
3 8,185,918 Method and system for managing access to add-on data files
4 8,185,858 Apparatus, method, and program for predicting layout wiring congestion
5 8,185,856 Manufacturing method, manufacturing program and manufacturing system for adjusting signal delay in a semiconductor device
6 8,185,821 Table generating method, information processing apparatus, and recording medium having recorded table generating program thereon
7 8,185,805 Network communication protocol for large scale distribution of streaming content
8 8,185,755 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system, wireless communication method, and program
9 8,185,748 Methods and apparatus for facilitating a secure processor functional transition
10 8,185,732 Selecting and executing a content code corresponding to an information processing apparatus based on apparatus check information at the time of processing using the content code
11 8,185,683 Bridge, information processing system, and access control method
12 8,185,577 Content management apparatus, web server, network system, content management method, content information management method, and program
13 8,185,541 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program, reproduction device, and information processing system that identifies content using a similarity calculation
14 8,185,267 On-vehicle apparatus and content providing method
15 8,185,265 Path planning device, path planning method, and computer program
16 8,185,085 Power line communication methods and devices
17 8,185,076 Radio receiver
18 8,185,074 Receiving apparatus, receiving method and wireless communication system
19 8,185,071 Tuner module
20 8,185,066 Multimode power amplifier with predistortion
21 8,185,054 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium
22 8,185,053 Information processing apparatus and information processing method having communication function
23 8,185,047 Near field communication apparatus for automated assigning of various functions
24 8,184,966 Image blur correction device, lens barrel and imaging apparatus
25 8,184,955 Information recording apparatus, information recording system, and information recording method
26 8,184,947 Electronic apparatus, content categorizing method, and program therefor
27 8,184,833 Electrostatic speaker arrangement for a mobile device
28 8,184,823 Headphone device, sound reproduction system, and sound reproduction method
29 8,184,711 Image processing device and image processing method
30 8,184,699 Method of reducing computations in intra-prediction and mode decision processes in a digital video encoder
31 8,184,690 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
32 8,184,657 Reliable audio-video transmission system using multi-media diversity
33 8,184,636 Information processing device and method, and computer readable medium for packetizing and depacketizing data
34 8,184,617 Call center enabler
35 8,184,431 Methods of producing a housing of a portable electronic device and a housing portion of a portable electronic device
36 8,184,224 Display apparatus and method of laying out pixel circuits
37 8,184,209 Smart slate
38 8,184,198 Image-taking apparatus having optical view finder and autofocus capability
39 8,184,179 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for combining still images
40 8,184,172 Solid-state imaging device and driving control method
41 8,184,170 Imaging apparatus, information processing apparatus and method, and computer program therefor
42 8,184,143 Simulated reflective display
43 8,184,124 Automatic color adjustment of a template design
44 8,184,122 System and method for video choreography
45 8,184,099 Information processing apparatus and processing program in information processing apparatus
46 8,184,075 Active matrix display device
47 8,184,053 Position estimating system, radio communication apparatus, program, position estimating method and information server
48 8,183,609 Solid-state imaging device and camera
49 8,183,603 Solid-state imaging device for inhibiting dark current
50 8,183,074 Light emitting element, method for manufacturing light emitting element, light emitting element assembly, and method for manufacturing light emitting element assembly
51 8,182,899 Anti-glare film, method of manufacturing the same, and display apparatus using the same
52 8,182,722 Methods for manufacturing zinc oxide base sputtering target and transparent electrically conductive film
53 8,182,067 Droplet discharge head and droplet discharging unit incorporating the same
54 8,181,873 Information reading apparatus and information reading method