Sony patents granted on 22 September 2009

38 US patents granted on 22 September 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 D600,734 Camera
2 D600,695 Computer monitor display
3 D600,694 Arithmetic and control unit
4 D600,686 Computer
5 D600,677 Car speaker
6 7,594,253 Autoprogramming for digital television
7 7,594,240 Disk drive apparatus
8 7,594,179 Information processing system, service providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
9 7,594,123 Data recording apparatus and method and data reproducing apparatus and method
10 7,594,121 Methods and apparatus for determining an identity of a user
11 7,594,021 Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus and method, and program
12 7,593,945 System, method and apparatus for multi-media news blog
13 7,593,921 Methods to create a user profile and to specify a suggestion for a next selection of a user
14 7,593,902 Communication system, communication method, server apparatus, and client apparatus
15 7,593,743 Methods, systems, and computer program products for updating availability information in voice-call applications
16 7,593,627 Angle correction for camera
17 7,593,619 Data processing unit and method, and program
18 7,593,601 Image processing device, method, and program
19 7,593,594 Signal processing device, method, and program
20 7,593,471 Frequency combining apparatus and frequency combining method
21 7,593,469 OCAP engine module
22 7,593,464 Information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
23 7,593,463 Video signal coding method and video signal encoder
24 7,593,424 Transmitting/receiving system, transmitting apparatus, transmitting method, receiving apparatus, receiving method, recording medium, and program
25 7,593,311 Recording medium, recording method, recording device, reproduction device, data transmission method, and server device
26 7,593,223 Information-processing apparatus and cooling system used therein
27 7,593,053 Autofocus device method
28 7,593,003 Image processing unit, method, and program
29 7,592,958 Multi-band antennas and radio apparatus incorporating the same
30 7,592,941 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
31 7,592,682 Optical waveguide and photoreceptor
32 7,592,644 X-Y address type solid state image pickup device and method of producing the same
33 7,592,534 Music composition reproduction device and composite device including the same
34 7,592,232 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
35 7,592,119 Photosensitive polyimide resin composition
36 7,591,558 Display based on eye information
37 7,591,293 Device for bonding a metal on a surface of a substrate
38 7,591,168 Test equipment system and method for testing a component