Sony patents granted on 22 September 2015

42 US patents granted on 22 September 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 9,143,885 Communication device, communication control method, and communication system
2 9,143,882 Catch the screen
3 9,143,830 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, computer program, and information sharing system
4 9,143,821 Information processing apparatus and program table displaying method
5 9,143,749 Light sensitive, low height, and high dynamic range camera
6 9,143,712 Solid state imaging device, driving method of solid state imaging device, and electronic device having a driving unit so that a potential of a drain of a charge reset unit is controlled
7 9,143,699 Overlay non-video content on a mobile device
8 9,143,691 Apparatus, method, and computer-readable storage medium for displaying a first image and a second image corresponding to the first image
9 9,143,685 Image stabilization device, image stabilization method, and program
10 9,143,675 Imaging device having autofocus capability
11 9,143,669 Imaging device and method, and program
12 9,143,637 Transmission device, video signal transmission method for transmission device, reception device, and video signal reception method for reception device
13 9,143,544 Information processing apparatus for reproducing and identifying content streams at plural network devices
14 9,143,290 Receiver and method of receiving and transmitter and method of transmitting for OFDM symbols
15 9,143,111 Signal processor, signal processing method and communication device
16 9,142,879 Wireless electronic devices with a metal perimeter including a plurality of antennas
17 9,142,605 Display panel and panel inspection apparatus
18 9,142,604 Display device with transistor sampling for improved performance
19 9,142,589 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
20 9,142,584 Solid-state imaging device with pixel isolation portion, method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
21 9,142,576 Solid-state image sensor, method for the same, and electronic device
22 9,142,571 Display device and electronic equipment
23 9,142,259 Editing device, editing method, and program
24 9,142,141 Determining exercise routes based on device determined information
25 9,141,857 Image processing device, image processing method, computer program and computer-readable recording medium
26 9,141,693 Within an electronic book environment, retrieving and displaying content associated with images or text in the electronic book
27 9,141,627 Providing a user access to data files distributed in a plurality of different types of user devices
28 9,141,279 Systems and methods for providing a user interface
29 9,141,265 Information processing apparatus, application provision system, application provision server, and information processing method
30 9,141,202 Information processing apparatus, input apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and program
31 9,141,190 Information processing apparatus and information processing system
32 9,141,133 Information processing apparatus and display screen operating method for scrolling
33 9,140,895 Imaging apparatus and imaging method for obtaining images fro electromagnetic waves
34 9,140,846 Light-emitting device and image display apparatus
35 9,140,796 System and method for effectively performing enhanced mobile-device location procedures
36 9,140,563 Map display apparatus and map display method
37 9,140,427 Display device with clearance
38 9,138,939 Three-dimensional modeling apparatus, model, and method of manufacturing a model
39 9,138,649 Game control program, game device, and game control method adapted to control game where objects are moved in game field
40 9,138,648 System and method for dynamically loading game software for smooth game play
41 9,138,647 Game play skill training
42 9,138,644 System and method for accelerated machine switching