Sony patents granted on 23 April 2013

63 US patents granted on 23 April 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 D680,551 Display panel or screen with a graphical user interface
2 8,429,713 Method and apparatus to speed transmission of CEC commands
3 8,429,689 Program data processing method and apparatus
4 8,429,534 Graphical user interface, display control device, display method, and program
5 8,429,523 Comic creation apparatus, comic creation method, and comic creation program
6 8,429,494 Nonvolatile random access memory and nonvolatile memory system
7 8,429,476 Systems and methods for transmitting data over lossy networks
8 8,429,374 System and method for read-while-write with NAND memory device
9 8,429,345 Method, control logic and system for detecting a virtual storage volume and data carrier
10 8,429,324 Bus-protocol converting device and bus-protocol converting method
11 8,429,304 Information processing apparatus and communication control method
12 8,429,289 Information processing apparatus and method, program, and information processing system and method
13 8,429,269 Server-side rendering
14 8,429,017 Sales apparatus, sales method and program
15 8,428,757 Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
16 8,428,670 Reception device, antenna, and junction cable
17 8,428,663 Slide rotation device, slide rotation method, and portable terminal device
18 8,428,577 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, data processing system, storage medium and program
19 8,428,430 Image processing system, image processing method, and program
20 8,428,429 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, program, and recording medium
21 8,428,384 Method and apparatus for performing an in-painting process on an image
22 8,428,369 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
23 8,428,306 Information processor and information processing method for performing process adapted to user motion
24 8,428,274 Apparatus and method for detecting acoustic feedback
25 8,428,139 Video-information encoding method and video-information decoding method
26 8,428,108 Signal processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, signal processing method, data display method, and program
27 8,428,041 Wireless communication system, wireless communication device and wireless communication method, and computer program
28 8,427,990 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and program
29 8,427,910 Storing audio-centered information with a multi-level table-of-contents (TOC) mechanism having redundant sub-TOCs
30 8,427,860 Memory component, memory device, and method of operating memory device
31 8,427,736 Illumination device, display device, and method of manufacturing light modulator
32 8,427,626 Lens array element and image display device
33 8,427,617 Transverse electric field mode liquid crystal display panel capable of preventing bright regions of the circumferences of slit-shaped openings of an upper electrode
34 8,427,571 Optical unit and imaging apparatus
35 8,427,568 Solid-state image pickup device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
36 8,427,566 Pixel drive circuit, image capture device, and camera system
37 8,427,553 Video signal processing apparatus and video signal processing method
38 8,427,551 Solid-state imaging device, imaging apparatus, and ad conversion gain adjusting method
39 8,427,545 Method and an apparatus for generating image content
40 8,427,530 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
41 8,427,514 Display apparatus, electronic appliance, and method of driving display apparatus
42 8,427,513 Display device, display device drive method, and computer program
43 8,427,504 Method and apparatus for image alignment
44 8,427,471 Program execution system, program execution device and recording medium and computer executable program therefor
45 8,427,458 Scan driving circuit and display device including the same
46 8,427,455 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
47 8,427,426 Remote input device
48 8,427,390 Space-dividing display apparatus
49 8,427,354 Analog to digital converter and signal processing system
50 8,427,078 Light-emitting element driving device and display device
51 8,427,049 Display device
52 8,426,937 Light sensor and display
53 8,426,896 Solid state imaging device
54 8,426,862 Thin film transistor substrate and display device
55 8,426,851 Thin film transistor and display device
56 8,426,847 Light emitting device
57 8,426,287 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, solid-state imaging device, and solid-state imaging apparatus
58 8,426,238 Solid-state image pickup device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
59 8,425,322 System and method for communicating with a virtual world
60 8,425,242 Movable audio-visual component system and method
61 8,425,100 Luminous button device and electronic apparatus
62 8,425,068 Liquid crystal display device, backlight control method and program
63 8,424,764 Photoelectric conversion device, method for driving photoelectric conversion device, radiation imaging device, and method for driving radiation imaging device