Sony patents granted on 23 August 2011

52 US patents granted on 23 August 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 8,006,309 Information processing device and communication method
2 8,006,284 Electronic device, information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
3 8,006,276 Image taking apparatus and method with display and image storage communication with other image taking apparatus
4 8,006,102 Method and apparatus for transmitting content data and recording and/or reproducing apparatus
5 8,006,080 Apparatus, method, computer program and recording medium for processing information
6 8,006,000 Bridge, processor unit, information processing apparatus, and access control method
7 8,005,957 Network traffic prioritization
8 8,005,512 Portable communication device with three dimensional display
9 8,005,504 Wireless communication apparatus having wireless communication functions conforming to incompatible communication standards
10 8,005,431 Controlling attenuation of an antenna signal in a communication terminal to reestablish a lost communication link
11 8,005,339 Reproduction apparatus, reproduction method, reproduction program, record medium, and data structure
12 8,005,315 Spectrum spreading signal demodulation method and apparatus
13 8,005,308 Adaptive motion estimation for temporal prediction filter over irregular motion vector samples
14 8,005,255 Content selecting method and content selecting apparatus
15 8,005,226 Information sending system, information sending device, information receiving device, information distribution system, information receiving system, information sending method, information receiving method, information distribution method, apparatus, sending method of information receiving device, playback method of apparatus, method of using contents and program storing medium
16 8,005,222 Radio communication system, radio communication device, radio communication method, and computer program
17 8,005,214 Data transmission system
18 8,005,054 Communication system, communication method, communication terminal device, control method thereof, and program
19 8,005,028 Data communication system, data transmitting device, data transmitting method, data receiving device, and data receiving method
20 8,004,940 Optical disk device and rotation control method
21 8,004,766 Illuminating device, illuminating method, image signal processing device, image signal processing method, and image projecting apparatus
22 8,004,754 Image generating apparatus
23 8,004,644 Liquid crystal display device
24 8,004,634 Liquid crystal display device and projection type liquid crystal display apparatus
25 8,004,619 Optical element, imaging apparatus having such optical element, and optical apparatus having two such optical elements
26 8,004,611 Method of and apparatus for utilizing video buffer in a multi-purpose fashion to extend the video buffer to multiple windows
27 8,004,594 Apparatus, method, and program for controlling display of moving and still images
28 8,004,591 Physical quantity detecting device and imaging apparatus
29 8,004,590 Solid-state imaging device, pixel-signal processing method, analog-signal transferring device, and analog-signal transferring method
30 8,004,587 Solid-state imaging device, signal processing method for the same, and imaging apparatus
31 8,004,583 Image pickup apparatus for use with a construction table
32 8,004,581 Imaging apparatus having temporary recording mode and direct recording mode
33 8,004,557 Advanced dynamic stitching method for multi-lens camera system
34 8,004,506 Display control device, display control method, and program
35 8,004,501 Hand-held device with touchscreen and digital tactile pixels
36 8,004,484 Display device, light receiving method, and information processing device
37 8,004,477 Display apparatus and driving method thereof
38 8,004,454 Mobile electronic device equipped with radar
39 8,004,388 Power line communication apparatus and method for operating the same
40 8,004,167 Electron emitter and a display apparatus utilizing the same
41 8,004,162 Piezoelectric device, angular velocity sensor, electronic apparatus, and production method of a piezoelectric device
42 8,004,056 Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
43 8,004,019 Solid state image pickup device
44 8,003,929 Solid-state image pickup device with an optical waveguide, method for manufacturing solid-state image pickup device, and camera
45 8,003,884 Photovoltaic device and method for preparing the same
46 8,003,875 Playback apparatus, playback method and program
47 8,003,712 Resin composition and process for producing resin molding
48 8,003,243 Spirally wound secondary battery with uneven termination end portions
49 8,002,560 Movable audio-visual component system and method
50 8,002,479 Imaging apparatus
51 8,002,137 Fuel cartridge
52 8,001,840 Oscillation type gyro sensor, control circuit, electronic apparatus, and method of manufacturing an oscillation type gyro sensor