Sony patents granted on 23 December 2008

31 US patents granted on 23 December 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D583,385 Disk cartridge
2 D583,360 Clock radio
3 7,469,367 Phase error determination method and digital phase-locked loop system
4 7,469,345 Methods and apparatus for secure distribution of program content
5 7,469,336 System and method for rapid boot of secondary operating system
6 7,469,232 System and method for revenue sharing for multimedia sharing in social network
7 7,469,134 Mobile communication terminal apparatus, a variable gain amplifier circuit and a gain control circuit
8 7,469,094 Medium recording method, medium recording device, and information recording medium
9 7,469,007 Transcoding system using encoding history information
10 7,468,994 Method and apparatus for interleave processing, and computer program product for interleave processing
11 7,468,961 System, apparatus, and method for radio communication using a plurality of carriers
12 7,468,959 Communication system and communication terminal apparatus
13 7,468,952 Broadcast messaging in peer to peer overlay network
14 7,468,940 ITR data reproducing apparatus, record/reproducing system, and interpolation filter
15 7,468,841 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
16 7,468,751 Devices and methods for processing digital image data compatible with a television receiver
17 7,468,750 Solid state imaging device having transition time relationship for drive signals
18 7,468,749 Image taking apparatus, and a method of controlling an edge enhancing level of an original image signal
19 7,468,748 Imaging apparatus
20 7,468,744 System and method for automatically transferring data from an electronic camera
21 7,468,735 Transitioning between two high resolution images in a slideshow
22 7,468,689 System and method for determining position of radar apparatus based on reflected signals
23 7,468,687 Signal processing device and signal processing method
24 7,468,528 Semiconductor light-emitting device
25 7,468,482 Piano sound source apparatus, method and program for piano sound synthesis
26 7,468,289 Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
27 7,468,239 Mask for photolithography, method of forming thin film, liquid crystal display device, and method of producing the liquid crystal display device
28 7,468,200 Write once optical recording medium
29 7,468,141 Method for decorating die surface as well as die
30 7,467,902 Rotational torque adjustment apparatus, ink ribbon transport apparatus and printer
31 7,467,886 Optical sheet, method for producing the same and display apparatus