Sony patents granted on 23 December 2014

46 US patents granted on 23 December 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 D719,953 Head mounted display
2 8,918,889 Information processing apparatus and method
3 8,918,829 Communication system and transmitting-receiving device
4 8,918,828 Private user data
5 8,918,814 Program information processing apparatus and program information processing method
6 8,918,801 Transmission apparatus, transmission method, reception apparatus, reception method, program, and broadcasting system
7 8,918,800 Receiving apparatus and receiving method, broadcasting apparatus and broadcasting method, information processing apparatus and information processing method, bidirectional communication system and bidirectional communication method, and providing medium
8 8,918,738 Menu display apparatus, menu display method and program
9 8,918,604 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and recording medium
10 8,918,598 Synchronization system and method for storages with different access speeds
11 8,918,556 Information-processing apparatus, information-processing method, and program
12 8,918,313 Replay apparatus, signal processing apparatus, and signal processing method
13 8,918,284 Information processing apparatus, behavior prediction display method, and computer program therefor
14 8,918,272 Method and apparatus for finding a lost vehicle
15 8,917,977 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
16 8,917,976 Information processor, information processing method, and program
17 8,917,970 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and program
18 8,917,950 Simplifying parametric loop filters
19 8,917,888 Control terminal apparatus and control method
20 8,917,877 Distance-based rendering of media files
21 8,917,778 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
22 8,917,767 Image display apparatus, video signal processor, and video signal processing method
23 8,917,753 Alignment method of semiconductor optical amplifier and light output device
24 8,917,671 Multi-tier wireless home mesh network with a secure network discovery protocol
25 8,917,670 Apparatus and method for signaling in a wireless communication system
26 8,917,606 Method of flow control for data transported using isochronous packets over an IEEE 1394-2000 serial bus network
27 8,917,517 Electronic apparatus, battery pack, and battery pack mounting method
28 8,917,360 Electronic device
29 8,917,358 Reception apparatus, terminal apparatus, control method, program, and communication system
30 8,917,342 Solid-state imaging element, method for producing solid-state imaging element, and electronic device
31 8,917,341 Solid-state image pickup apparatus, driving method for solid-state image pickup apparatus and electronic device
32 8,917,338 Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
33 8,917,332 Image capturing apparatus, image processing apparatus and method, and program therefor
34 8,917,328 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
35 8,917,326 Photography apparatus, control method, program, and information processing device
36 8,917,313 Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
37 8,917,286 Image processing device, information processing device, image processing method, and information processing method
38 8,917,264 Pixel circuit, display device, electronic device, and pixel circuit driving method
39 8,917,223 Illumination unit and display apparatus
40 8,917,160 RFID module
41 8,917,149 Rotary joint for switchably rotating between a jointed and non-jointed state to provide for polarization rotation
42 8,916,916 Imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
43 8,916,861 Organic electroluminescence device, display unit including the same, and method of manufacturing an organic electroluminescence device
44 8,916,291 Electrolytic solution and battery
45 8,915,730 Three-dimensional modeling apparatus, method of producing a three-dimensional object, and three-dimensional object
46 8,915,606 Display device