Sony patents granted on 23 February 2016

60 US patents granted on 23 February 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 D750,149 Video camera
2 D750,118 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
3 9,271,376 Image display apparatus and control method
4 9,271,273 Base station, method for radio communication, program, radio communication system, and radio terminal
5 9,271,234 Terminal requested base station controlled terminal transmission throttling
6 9,271,124 Information processing apparatus, wireless communication apparatus, communication system, and information processing method
7 9,271,038 Receiving device, receiving method, providing device, providing method, programs, and broadcasting system
8 9,271,022 Internet content subscription service via multiple devices
9 9,270,987 Image processing apparatus and method
10 9,270,958 Liquid crystal display apparatus for generating an output video signal based on an input video signal and a lighting signal
11 9,270,949 Image monitoring system and image monitoring program
12 9,270,947 Terminal device, server, data processing system, data processing method, and program
13 9,270,915 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
14 9,270,912 Pixel circuit, solid-state image pickup device, and camera system
15 9,270,910 Image sensor, imaging device, imaging method and information processing apparatus
16 9,270,901 Display control device, display control method, program, and recording medium
17 9,270,897 Apparatus, method, and program for processing image
18 9,270,865 Recording device and recording control method, reproduction device and reproduction control method, output device and output control method, and programs
19 9,270,763 Method and apparatus for sharing electronic content
20 9,270,751 Peer to peer connection
21 9,270,661 Communication network system, gateway, data communication method and program providing medium
22 9,270,656 Communication device, communication method, computer program, and communication system
23 9,270,458 Encryption processing device, encryption processing method, and program
24 9,270,394 Transmission device and transmission method thereof, and reception device of connected transmission channels in a 13-segment format
25 9,270,135 Power supply apparatus and power supply switching method
26 9,270,126 Sensing device, power reception device, power transmission device, non-contact power transmission system, and sensing method
27 9,270,123 Wireless power feeding system
28 9,270,081 Semiconductor laser device, photoelectric converter, and optical information processing unit
29 9,270,006 Waveguide device, communication module and electronic device
30 9,270,004 Waveguide device, communication module, method of producing waveguide device and electronic device
31 9,269,992 Battery, battery pack, battery charger, and battery charging system
32 9,269,736 Semiconductor image sensor module, method for manufacturing the same as well as camera and method for manufacturing the same
33 9,269,735 Method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
34 9,269,680 Semiconductor device with a connection pad in a substrate and method for production thereof
35 9,269,191 Server, client terminal, system and program for presenting landscapes
36 9,269,185 System and method for procedural CG eye meniscus
37 9,269,184 Method and apparatus for rendering image based projected shadows with multiple depth aware blurs
38 9,269,119 Devices and methods for health tracking and providing information for improving health
39 9,269,105 Image processing
40 9,269,016 Content extracting device, content extracting method and program
41 9,269,004 Information processing terminal, information processing method, and program
42 9,269,002 Image processing apparatus, display control method and program
43 9,268,924 Transmission apparatus, electronic appliance, reception apparatus, and authentication system
44 9,268,847 Information processing device, information processing method, and program for the same
45 9,268,790 Search apparatus and method, and program
46 9,268,673 Load testing online game server environment using web-based interface
47 9,268,620 Information processing device
48 9,268,524 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer readable medium
49 9,268,474 Information processing apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium to control display of a map
50 9,268,430 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information storage medium
51 9,268,424 Mobile client device, operation method, recording medium, and operation system
52 9,268,412 Input apparatus having an input recognition unit and input recognition method by using the same
53 9,268,410 Image processing device, image processing method, and program
54 9,268,397 Information processor, information processing method, and computer program product for processing information input by user
55 9,268,389 Reducing power consumption on a processor system by masking actual processor load with insertion of dummy instructions
56 9,268,346 Reactor with accurate temperature control
57 9,268,148 Light source device and stereoscopic display apparatus
58 9,268,138 Head-mounted display
59 9,266,444 Lithium ion secondary battery, electric tool, electric vehicle, and power storage system
60 9,266,026 Method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting game or other simulation difficulty