Sony patents granted on 23 January 2007

32 US patents granted on 23 January 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 D535,630 Monitor/television receiver
2 7,167,943 Memory apparatus
3 7,167,888 System and method for accurately calculating a mathematical power function in an electronic device
4 7,167,778 Electronic device cooling apparatus and method for cooling electronic device with temperature prediction
5 7,167,763 Method and apparatus for providing a graphical user interface for a player/recorder system
6 7,167,679 Display terminal
7 7,167,643 Photobooth with improved accessibility and optical characteristics
8 7,167,640 Method and apparatus for efficiently allocating memory in audio still video (ASV) applications
9 7,167,608 Hybrid circuit substrate with optical and electrical interconnects, hybrid circuit module with optical interconnects and manufacturing methods thereof
10 7,167,600 Drawing method for drawing image on two-dimensional screen
11 7,167,596 Image processing method for generating three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional screen
12 7,167,582 Mask inspection method, mask defect inspection system, and method of production of mask
13 7,167,564 Information processing system and method
14 7,167,561 Recording apparatus, recording method, reproducing apparatus, and reproducing method
15 7,167,438 Optical disc with different wobble patterns in different grooves
16 7,167,426 Data recording/reproducing method and apparatus including random number generation and data sector scrambling
17 7,167,425 Dubbing apparatus
18 7,167,390 Storage device with resistive memory cells enduring repetitive data writing
19 7,167,384 Switching power circuit
20 7,167,360 Hard disk drive housing apparatus and electronic apparatus
21 7,167,358 Information terminal apparatus
22 7,167,229 Liquid crystal display element and projection display device
23 7,167,130 Internal antenna and flat panel speaker assemblies and mobile terminals including the same
24 7,167,114 Memory efficient interleaving
25 7,166,909 Method and apparatus for molding module electronic devices and a module electronic device molded thereby
26 7,166,482 Cold cathode field emission device and process for the production thereof, and cold cathode field emission display and process for the production thereof
27 7,166,417 Method for manufacturing recording media, method for manufacturing production plate used when manufacturing recording media, apparatus for manufacturing recording media, and apparatus for manufacturing production plate used when manufacturing recording media
28 7,166,410 Colored photosensitive resin composition and color filter comprising the same
29 7,166,389 Battery pack and method for producing same
30 7,165,828 Liquid discharge apparatus, printer head, and method for making liquid discharge apparatus
31 7,165,823 Method for driving recording head, recording head, and ink jet printer
32 7,165,601 Radiation fin, cooling device, electronic equipment, and manufacturing method of cooling device