Sony patents granted on 23 June 2009

46 US patents granted on 23 June 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 D594,873 Image for display panel or screen
2 D594,860 Computer
3 D594,847 Headphone
4 7,552,463 Television receiver, receiver and program execution method
5 7,552,388 Information providing device, information providing method, and program storage medium
6 7,552,326 Use of kernel authorization data to maintain security in a digital processing system
7 7,552,299 Data-processing apparatus, data-processing method and program
8 7,552,270 Signal transmission method, bridge unit, and information processing apparatus
9 7,552,194 Content delivery system and content delivery apparatus
10 7,552,188 Network system, element thereof and network visualization method
11 7,552,011 Map display apparatus and map display method
12 7,551,918 Mobile device control of mobile television broadcast signals to multiple destinations
13 7,551,847 Image pickup apparatus and method and program
14 7,551,840 Video tape recorder and recording method
15 7,551,794 Method apparatus, and recording medium for smoothing luminance of an image
16 7,551,774 Image processing apparatus, and image processing method
17 7,551,704 Information processing apparatus and data communication method
18 7,551,672 Encoding system and method, decoding system and method, multiplexing apparatus and method, and display system and method
19 7,551,668 Adaptive equalizing apparatus and method
20 7,551,606 Isochronous transmission for IP-oriented network
21 7,551,540 Solid immersion lens, focusing lens using solid immersion lens, optical pickup apparatus, optical recording reproducing apparatus and method of manufacturing solid immersion lens
22 7,551,537 Method and apparatus for making master optical disk
23 7,551,526 Disk drive apparatus and spherical aberration correcting method
24 7,551,496 Signal generator
25 7,551,450 External memory device
26 7,551,371 Optical pickup apparatus and optical disc apparatus
27 7,551,366 Zoom lens and image capture apparatus
28 7,551,355 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
29 7,551,328 Image reading apparatus and method
30 7,551,235 Image switching apparatus and method of controlling image processing unit thereof
31 7,551,230 Device and method for producing coefficient seed data used for format conversion, and information-providing medium therefore
32 7,551,229 Automatic channel selection method and apparatus in unstable digital channel environments
33 7,551,226 Image signal conversion apparatus, method and, display for image signal conversion based on selected pixel data
34 7,551,225 Positioning accessory for camera-equipped wireless terminals
35 7,551,223 Apparatus, method, and computer program for imaging and automatic focusing
36 7,551,220 Image recording/reproducing device with dual-operated switch depending upon orientation of the device
37 7,551,216 CCD imaging device and driving method thereof
38 7,551,152 Display and method of driving pixel
39 7,551,135 Transmitting device, receiving device and method for establishing a wireless communication link
40 7,550,877 Electronic apparatus and power supply controlling method
41 7,550,775 GaN semiconductor light-emitting element and method for manufacturing the same
42 7,550,707 Biometrics authentication system with authentication based upon multiple layers
43 7,550,704 Solid state imaging device, method of driving solid state imaging device, and image pickup apparatus
44 7,550,328 Method for production of thin-film semiconductor device
45 7,550,326 Method for manufacturing thin film device and semiconductor device
46 7,550,225 Battery