Sony patents granted on 23 March 2010

54 US patents granted on 23 March 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D612,375 Electronic book with touch screen display
2 D612,374 Computer
3 7,685,647 Information processing apparatus
4 7,685,624 Receiver unit and method of setting the same
5 7,685,618 Data broadcast method
6 7,685,601 Methods and apparatus for segmented stack management in a processor system
7 7,685,592 Method and device for updating program functions corresponding to a version flag
8 7,685,535 Information processing apparatus, method, and information processing program
9 7,685,524 Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and providing medium
10 7,685,518 Information processing apparatus, method and medium using a virtual reality space
11 7,685,301 Redundancy lists in a peer-to-peer relay network
12 7,685,282 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, and recording medium
13 7,685,225 Content acquisition apparatus, content acquisition method and content acquisition program
14 7,685,222 Power of two multiplication engine
15 7,684,996 Responding to requests for data
16 7,684,984 Method for recognizing speech/speaker using emotional change to govern unsupervised adaptation
17 7,684,982 Noise reduction and audio-visual speech activity detection
18 7,684,884 Audio processor, input/output processing apparatus, and information processing apparatus
19 7,684,883 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
20 7,684,826 Method and system for processing wireless digital multimedia
21 7,684,756 Adaptive subcarrier loading
22 7,684,685 Image stabilizer, lens barrel and imager apparatus
23 7,684,674 Optical reproducing apparatus having protection flags and code number
24 7,684,671 Control of information processing apparatus through a network
25 7,684,635 Signal processing device, and signal processing method, and program, and recording medium
26 7,684,591 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and information processing method, program, and recording medium
27 7,684,468 Wireless communication device
28 7,684,453 Surface light emitting semiconductor laser element
29 7,684,433 Method and apparatus for bi-directional communication between analog and digital devices
30 7,684,392 Communication processing system, communication processing method, communication terminal, data transfer controller, and program
31 7,684,305 Optical pickup, optical recording and reproducing apparatus and tracking error signal detecting method
32 7,684,303 Read-only optical recording medium on which unique identification information is written
33 7,684,294 Recording or reproduction apparatus
34 7,684,231 Methods and apparatus for low power SRAM based on stored data
35 7,684,097 Recording apparatus and phase modulation device
36 7,683,984 Liquid crystal display apparatus
37 7,683,980 Optical element enclosure having contractive enclosing member with opening at corner/curvature portion, backlight, and liquid crystal display device
38 7,683,964 Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
39 7,683,856 E-ink touchscreen visualizer for home AV system
40 7,683,825 Method and apparatus for measuring distance between a target and a receiver in a ranging system
41 7,683,818 Method and apparatus for AD conversion, semiconductor device for detecting distribution of physical quantity, and electronic apparatus
42 7,683,691 Clock supplying apparatus
43 7,683,685 System and method for implementing a digital phase-locked loop
44 7,683,541 Display apparatus provided with movable substrate covers securing edges of a front cover and its corresponding reinforcing plate
45 7,683,479 Semiconductor package involving a rotary lock that connects a package substrate and a separate component
46 7,683,414 Semiconductor device, its manufacturing method and electronic apparatus thereof
47 7,683,363 Composition for photon-energy up-conversion
48 7,683,307 Solid state image pickup element and camera system
49 7,682,752 Battery
50 7,682,743 Battery
51 7,682,742 Battery
52 7,682,137 Jet generating device and electronic apparatus
53 7,682,066 Method for recycling waste sulfuric acid
54 7,681,964 Recording medium processing apparatus, printing method, and computer program