Sony patents granted on 23 May 2006

54 US patents granted on 23 May 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 7,051,355 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and providing medium
2 7,051,349 Disc cartridge, disc recording medium unit and disc recorder and/or reproducer
3 7,051,344 Disk tray moving device and disk recording and/or reproducing device
4 7,051,291 System for managing data objects
5 7,051,270 Decoder an decoding method
6 7,051,170 Method and system for scheduled activation of system information tables in digital transport streams
7 7,051,128 System and method for data bus communication system between external card connection device and host device
8 7,051,064 Apparatus and method for maintaining hierarchical directory structure and transmitting changes in same
9 7,050,983 Sales activity management system, sales activity management apparatus, and sales activity management method
10 7,050,945 Information providing system, information providing method, information processing apparatus, information processing method, communication terminal, and a method for communication terminal
11 7,050,884 Image transmission device and method, transmitting device and method, receiving device and method, and robot apparatus
12 7,050,767 Mobile computing devices having rotationally exposed user interface devices
13 7,050,760 Terminal station controls transmission power of a base station
14 7,050,703 Video recording and playback apparatus and method
15 7,050,633 Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
16 7,050,573 Method of generating ring tones using melody and communication terminal apparatus
17 7,050,526 Information processing apparatus and data communication method
18 7,050,506 Method and apparatus for modulating and demodulating data into a variable-length code and providing a sync signal to the train of codes
19 7,050,495 Video data compression apparatus and method of same
20 7,050,449 Communication method and communication apparatus
21 7,050,446 Communication control device and method
22 7,050,382 Semiconductor laser drive circuit
23 7,050,379 Optical pickup-use object lens, optical pickup and optical disk unit
24 7,050,368 Data copying managing method and device and copy managing system
25 7,050,362 Editing apparatus for optical reproducing device
26 7,050,265 Negative pressure type rotary head drum unit and magnetic tape drive using the same
27 7,050,242 Zoom lens and an imaging apparatus
28 7,050,190 Information-processing apparatus and information-processing method
29 7,050,108 Motion vector correction circuit and method
30 7,050,092 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and presentation system
31 7,050,089 On-vehicle video camera
32 7,050,076 Optical state modulation apparatus, display system and optical state modulation method
33 7,050,062 Method and apparatus for the digital creation of fur effects
34 7,050,034 Display apparatus
35 7,050,008 Antenna unit and portable wireless device
36 7,050,007 Electronic device with communication capability
37 7,049,906 Quad band antenna interface modules including matching network ports
38 7,049,655 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and process for fabricating the same
39 7,049,475 Organic compound decomposing method
40 7,049,470 Bis (aminostyryl) anthracene compound, synthesis is intermediate thereof, and process for production thereof
41 7,049,227 Method for alloying a wiring portion for a image display device
42 7,049,207 Isolating method and transferring method for semiconductor devices
43 7,049,180 Method of fabricating a memory transistor array utilizing insulated word lines as gate electrodes
44 7,048,196 Data communication device
45 7,047,835 Articulated bending mechanism for legged mobile robot and the legged mobile robot
46 D521,516 Mouse
47 D521,502 Headphone
48 D521,496 Speaker box
49 D521,495 Speaker box
50 D521,486 Transmitter for audio player
51 D521,476 Disc player
52 D521,460 Remote controller
53 D521,449 Battery
54 D521,448 Battery