Sony patents granted on 23 November 2010

71 US patents granted on 23 November 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 RE41,957 System for searching a data base for information associated with broadcast segments based upon broadcast time
2 D627,812 Portable digital camera with touch sensitive sketch screen
3 D627,794 Combined monitor display and disc player
4 D627,793 Audio player
5 D627,769 Mobile phone
6 D627,765 Earphone
7 D627,753 Mobile phone
8 D627,752 Mobile phone
9 D627,744 Remote controller
10 7,840,990 Bi-directional remote control unit and method of using the same
11 7,840,910 Method of managing information processing apparatus, program for method of managing information processing apparatus, recording medium recording program for method of managing information processing apparatus, information processing apparatus and information processing system
12 7,840,907 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program thereof
13 7,840,816 Identifying material stored using a signature as a retrieval index
14 7,840,798 Method for data transfer in a network
15 7,840,715 Apparatus connection interface, apparatus control system and method of controlling apparatus control system
16 7,840,688 Information processing device, server client system, method, and computer program
17 7,840,644 Information distribution system, information receiving apparatus, information list forming method, information deleting method, and information storing method
18 7,840,641 Method and electronic device for obtaining an evaluation of an electronic document
19 7,840,629 Methods and apparatus for providing a booth multiplier
20 7,840,593 Program, information processing method and device, and data structure
21 7,840,568 Sorting media objects by similarity
22 7,840,566 Recording apparatus, recording method, and disc shaped record medium
23 7,840,559 User terminal and content searching and presentation method
24 7,840,508 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
25 7,840,489 Key sharing for DRM interoperability
26 7,840,284 Information processing system and associated methodology of surveillance event monitoring
27 7,840,258 Imaging device, method thereof, and program
28 7,840,242 Earphone antenna
29 7,840,182 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
30 7,840,129 Imaging apparatus
31 7,840,128 Image-blur compensating device and image pickup apparatus
32 7,840,126 Vibration detecting device, imaging apparatus, and vibration detecting method
33 7,840,120 Communication system, recording apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
34 7,840,095 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, program and recording medium
35 7,840,094 Image processing apparatus and method, and recording medium having a program recorded therein
36 7,840,025 Loudspeaker damper and method of mounting loudspeaker damper
37 7,840,023 Double-resonator micro-speaker assemblies and methods for tuning the same
38 7,840,006 Content distribution system and content distribution method
39 7,839,998 Transcoding CableCARD
40 7,839,961 Communication timing changing method and device
41 7,839,844 System and method for dynamically determining retransmit buffer time
42 7,839,749 Recording apparatus and recording method, reproducing apparatus and reproducing method, and program
43 7,839,735 Phase difference detection apparatus, phase difference detection method, reproduction apparatus and tracking controlling method
44 7,839,656 Shielded circuit assembly and method
45 7,839,627 Portable electronic apparatus
46 7,839,603 Magnetic head device and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
47 7,839,534 Scrapbooking image print apparatus, method, program, and computer readable media
48 7,839,472 Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
49 7,839,457 Display image correcting device, image display device, and display image correcting method
50 7,839,455 Image processing apparatus, image display and image processing method
51 7,839,447 Imaging apparatus
52 7,839,444 Solid-state image-pickup device, method of driving solid-state image-pickup device and image-pickup apparatus
53 7,839,439 Solid-state imaging device and imaging device
54 7,839,437 Image pickup apparatus, image processing method, and computer program capable of obtaining high-quality image data by controlling imbalance among sensitivities of light-receiving devices
55 7,839,405 Apparatus, method, and program for projection of 3D spatial image into planar images using visual points
56 7,839,362 Sticking phenomenon correction method, self-luminous apparatus, sticking phenomenon correction apparatus and program
57 7,839,298 System and method for universal remote control
58 7,839,262 Device for giving information to vehicle, vehicle and method for giving information to vehicle
59 7,839,063 Display panel and display device having color filter elements with color filter protective layer
60 7,839,051 Protection device
61 7,838,457 Process for production of conductive catalyst particles, process for production of catalyst electrode capable of gas diffusion, apparatus for production of conductive catalyst particles, and vibrating apparatus
62 7,838,410 Method of electrically connecting element to wiring, method of producing light-emitting element assembly, and light-emitting element assembly
63 7,838,402 Method of manufacturing electronic apparatus and electronic apparatus
64 7,838,351 Thin film transistor manufacturing method, thin film transistor and display device using the same
65 7,838,155 Aqueous electrolyte solution absorber and method for producing it
66 7,838,147 Electrode and battery using it
67 7,838,089 Liquid crystal material, liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal display
68 7,837,341 Deformable mirror device
69 7,837,304 Liquid discharging device
70 7,837,163 Suction cup
71 7,836,598 Method of manufacturing a thermal liquid jet head using an etching process