Sony patents granted on 23 October 2007

45 US patents granted on 23 October 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,287,265 Disk cartridge
2 7,287,262 Disc drive apparatus, disc drive unit and optical pickup device
3 7,287,168 Partial encryption and PID mapping
4 7,287,167 Record medium, recording apparatus for record medium, recording method for record medium, reproducing apparatus for record medium, reproducing medium for record medium, and data output controlling method
5 7,287,163 Digital watermark embedding apparatus and method, and computer program
6 7,287,158 Person authentication system, person authentication method, information processing apparatus, and program providing medium
7 7,287,136 Cache device, and method and computer program for controlling cached data
8 7,287,113 Method of and apparatus for controlling bidirectional streams of isochronous data flowing between an application and a bus structure
9 7,287,098 Control method and electronic device enabling recognition of functions installed in the electronic device
10 7,287,038 Recording apparatus, file management method, program for file management method, recording medium having program for file management method recorded thereon
11 7,287,010 Information processing device and method, and providing medium
12 7,286,946 Transmission characteristic measuring device transmission characteristic measuring method, and amplifier
13 7,286,852 Subscriber identity module and method of preventing access thereto, and mobile communication terminal device
14 7,286,797 Data transmission system, data transmission method, and electronic apparatus
15 7,286,745 Providing a capability to sort contents data and to maintain a current sorting mode
16 7,286,715 Quantization apparatus, quantization method, quantization program, and recording medium
17 7,286,667 Decryption system
18 7,286,602 Method of data transmission for N-channel digital data in an M-channel block format
19 7,286,461 Optical disk driving apparatus and method, and recording medium and program used therewith
20 7,286,446 Track management method and apparatus for managing tracks on a storage medium
21 7,286,374 Switching power supply circuit
22 7,286,304 Variable focal length lens system and imaging apparatus
23 7,286,300 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
24 7,286,272 Image display unit
25 7,286,270 Optical reading document board and optical reader
26 7,286,184 Information signal processing device, information signal processing method, image signal processing device and image display device using it, coefficient type data creating device used therein and creating method, coefficient data creating device and creating method, and information providing medium
27 7,286,165 Image pickup apparatus with a variable length encoder and data quantity monitor
28 7,286,119 Three-dimensional object manipulating apparatus, method and computer program
29 7,286,094 Three-dimensional omni-directional antenna designs for ultra-wideband applications
30 7,286,037 Protective element
31 7,286,027 Microresonator, manufacturing method, and electronic apparatus
32 7,285,905 Organic electroluminescence device comprising a silver alloy anode and method of manufacturing the same
33 7,285,875 Resonant converter with outputs of different polarities
34 7,285,808 Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device
35 7,285,727 Flexible wiring boards for double-side connection
36 7,285,589 Polyester molding for use with a casing
37 7,285,438 Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device
38 7,285,332 Laminate roll
39 7,285,318 Packaging material and information recording media packaged by packaging material
40 7,284,807 Waste liquid quantity detecting method, waste liquid quantity detecting device, and liquid discharging apparatus
41 D553,621 Mouse
42 D553,597 Mobile communications device
43 D553,591 Disc player
44 D553,589 Television receiver
45 D553,588 Television receiver