Sony patents granted on 24 April 2007

41 US patents granted on 24 April 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,210,156 Disk cartridge
2 7,210,142 Client-server bidirectional synchronization via browser plug in for an XM radio system
3 7,209,956 Protocol for instant messaging
4 7,209,751 System and method for proximity motion detection in a wireless network
5 7,209,706 Communication apparatus and communication method
6 7,209,642 Terminal apparatus and recording method
7 7,209,636 Encoded stream generating apparatus and method, data transmission system and method, and editing system and method
8 7,209,595 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, noise-amount estimate apparatus, noise-amount estimate method, and storage medium
9 7,209,585 Picture image generation and printed material production apparatus, and a method thereof
10 7,209,514 GPS receiving apparatus and GPS satellite signal receiving method
11 7,209,496 Information transmitting apparatus and method, information receiving apparatus and method, information transmitting and receiving system and method, recording medium and program
12 7,209,425 Drive apparatus for tape-like optical recording medium
13 7,209,379 Storage device and semiconductor device
14 7,209,369 Switching power supply circuit
15 7,209,348 Heat dissipating structure for an electronic device and heat dissipating device
16 7,209,318 Buffering mechanism and recording and/or reproducing apparatus
17 7,209,308 Communication apparatus communicating with recording medium memory and recording medium drive apparatus
18 7,209,307 Variable read output impedance control circuit for a magnetic media storage system
19 7,209,306 Recording medium, recording method, and recording/reproducing device
20 7,209,298 Zoom lens and imaging pickup
21 7,209,186 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for high speed real-time processing
22 7,209,171 Solid-state imaging apparatus and driving method thereof
23 7,209,132 Liquid crystal display device, method of controlling the same, and mobile terminal
24 7,209,122 Input device and information processing apparatus
25 7,209,121 Input device and information processing apparatus
26 7,209,120 Input device and information processing apparatus
27 7,209,119 Input device and information processing apparatus
28 7,209,104 Display apparatus and portable terminal which uses D/A conversion circuit
29 7,209,084 Antenna for portable communication device equipped with a hinge
30 7,209,002 Audio amplifier
31 7,208,913 Electronic device with battery type and ambient temperature detection
32 7,208,868 Light-emitting device and its use
33 7,208,832 Semiconductor device, package structure thereof, and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device
34 7,208,681 Electronic device and information reproduction system
35 7,208,338 Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
36 7,207,676 Image projection apparatus
37 7,207,650 Apparatus and method for discharging liquid
38 7,207,495 Wireless terminal to which an integrated circuit card is connected and a system utilizing the wireless terminal for rewriting memory of an integrated circuit card
39 D541,332 Printer
40 D541,325 Video camera
41 D541,234 Television receiver