Sony patents granted on 24 April 2012

67 US patents granted on 24 April 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 RE43,323 Transmission of random access bursts with at least one message part
2 D658,260 Controller triggering device
3 D658,185 Memory card adapter
4 D658,175 Display device
5 D658,171 Computer
6 D658,150 Portable recorder
7 8,166,564 Content distribution system, content distribution method, and client terminal
8 8,166,556 Information processing apparatus, information recording medium, information processing method and computer program
9 8,166,531 Device registration system, device registration server, device registration method, device registration program, storage medium, and terminal device
10 8,166,523 Authentication processing system, authentication processing method, authentication device, and computer program
11 8,166,514 Hardware module for adding functionality to television using mechanical and wireless links
12 8,166,513 TV receiver using cable card for abstracting open cable application platform (OCAP) messages to and from the head end
13 8,166,502 Downloading TV channel map based on location and provider
14 8,166,501 Scheme for use with client device interface in system for providing dailies and edited video to users
15 8,166,482 Scheduling method, scheduling apparatus and multiprocessor system
16 8,166,405 Information processing apparatus, display data providing method and program
17 8,166,371 Semiconductor memory system and signal processing system
18 8,166,363 Decoding device and method
19 8,166,339 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
20 8,166,274 Data writing in system with alignment restriction or vector-based systems
21 8,166,193 File transfer protocol for mobile computer
22 8,166,186 Content distribution method, program, and information processing apparatus
23 8,166,131 Network delivery of entertainment software
24 8,166,024 Information processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
25 8,165,924 Virtual shopping center
26 8,165,873 Speech analysis apparatus, speech analysis method and computer program
27 8,165,649 Torsion spring
28 8,165,605 Automatic detection of personal networks
29 8,165,564 Emotional communication between portable equipments
30 8,165,560 System and method for providing data to an emergency call center
31 8,165,455 Data processing apparatus and data processing method, and computer program
32 8,165,454 Recording control apparatus, recording control method and recording apparatus integral with camera
33 8,165,409 Mobile device identification of media objects using audio and image recognition
34 8,165,398 Method and device for handwriting detection
35 8,165,395 Automatic image color tone correction
36 8,165,387 Information processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium for selecting data for learning
37 8,165,314 Audio output apparatus and audio output method
38 8,165,308 Arrangement and method for determining operational mode of a communication device
39 8,165,306 Information retrieving method, information retrieving device, information storing method and information storage device
40 8,165,302 Key table and authorization table management
41 8,165,298 Quantum cryptography communication apparatus and communication terminal
42 8,165,295 Data transmission method
43 8,165,288 Cryptographic processing apparatus and cryptographic processing method, and computer program
44 8,165,252 Signal processing device and method, and program
45 8,165,205 Natural shaped regions for motion compensation
46 8,165,197 Method and apparatus for video upscaling
47 8,165,005 Optical recording method and optical recording apparatus
48 8,164,992 Optical disc medium and data recording method and apparatus
49 8,164,990 Recording apparatus, recording method, recording program, recording/reproducing apparatus, recording/reproducing method, recording/reproducing program, editing apparatus, editing method, editing program, and display method
50 8,164,792 Printing device, printing method, and program
51 8,164,713 Liquid crystal display device and method for driving same
52 8,164,681 Image pickup apparatus
53 8,164,647 Image pickup apparatus and its light source estimating apparatus
54 8,164,643 Composition determining apparatus, composition determining method, and program
55 8,164,638 Communication system and method thereof
56 8,164,607 Printing apparatus and method
57 8,164,577 Input device, control method of input device, and program
58 8,164,571 Slideable keyboard for an electronic equipment
59 8,164,566 Remote input device
60 8,164,467 Power saving mode for remote controller
61 8,164,455 Backscatter communication system with reflector for transmitting a modulated signal to a reader
62 8,164,253 Optically-functional film and method of manufacturing the same, display and method of manufacturing the same
63 8,164,131 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
64 8,163,592 Method of manufacturing thin film transistor, thin film transistor, and display unit
65 8,162,747 Game control method and apparatus for controlling resumption of game
66 8,162,128 Component mounting apparatus, mounting-component producing method, and conveyor apparatus
67 8,161,827 Torque measuring apparatus and actuator drive control system