Sony patents granted on 24 August 2010

53 US patents granted on 24 August 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 7,784,100 System and method for home network content protection and copy management
2 7,784,078 Information processing system, information processing device and method, recording medium, and program
3 7,783,897 Programmable logic device
4 7,783,857 Data management apparatus and method, non-volatile memory, storage device having the non-volatile memory and data processing system
5 7,783,825 Nonvolatile memory system and management method for nonvolatile memory
6 7,783,810 Apparatus and method of processing information
7 7,783,771 Network communication device for universal plug and play and internet multimedia subsystems networks
8 7,783,703 Shared home media platform to support multi-user control
9 7,783,685 Information recording/reproducing apparatus, information recording/reproducing method, program storage medium, and program
10 7,783,585 Data processing device, data processing method, and program
11 7,783,577 Information service method, information service unit, recording or reproducing controlling method, and recording and/or reproducing unit
12 7,783,498 Electronic guide information processing system, information distributing apparatus, portable terminal apparatus, and method for processing electronic guide information
13 7,783,487 Information processing terminal and communication system
14 7,783,385 Network system, mobile device, method of controlling same, and computer program
15 7,783,325 Transmission and reception forwarding system
16 7,783,308 Method of and apparatus for zone dependent content in a mobile device
17 7,783,186 Imaging apparatus, imaging apparatus control method, and computer program
18 7,783,179 Image blur correction apparatus, lens barrel, and image capture apparatus
19 7,783,129 Image processing apparatus, image processing system and image processing method
20 7,783,128 Method and apparatus for correcting motion distortion and lens distortion of image-taking video signals
21 7,783,086 Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
22 7,783,076 Moving-object tracking control apparatus, moving-object tracking system, moving-object tracking control method, and program
23 7,783,061 Methods and apparatus for the targeted sound detection
24 7,783,047 Sound filed reproduction apparatus and sound filed space reproduction system
25 7,782,959 Image processing apparatus
26 7,782,941 Content supplying apparatus and method, and recording medium
27 7,782,846 Data structure, information processing device, information processing method, transmission device, transmission method, multiplexing device, multiplexing method, and program
28 7,782,750 Radio communication method, radio communication system, radio communication base station, radio communication terminal station, and radio communication program
29 7,782,744 Systems and methods for forming a master disk utilizing variation in an applied signal power for forming uniform pits
30 7,782,733 Hologram recording and reproduction apparatus
31 7,782,719 Editing apparatus for optical disc reproducing device
32 7,782,642 Power brick with passthrough
33 7,782,512 Light irradiation device, fine particle analyzing apparatus, and light irradiation method
34 7,782,478 Recording and reproducing apparatus and method thereof
35 7,782,420 Optical element covering member, backlight, and liquid crystal display device
36 7,782,376 Imaging method and imaging apparatus
37 7,782,367 Direct calibration of color imaging devices
38 7,782,305 Portable unit
39 7,782,297 Method and apparatus for use in determining an activity level of a user in relation to a system
40 7,782,295 Apparatus, method and recording medium for evaluating time efficiency and real-time nature of pointing device
41 7,782,121 Voltage supply circuit, display device, electronic equipment, and voltage supply method
42 7,781,956 Display apparatus and electronic device
43 7,781,861 Semiconductor device
44 7,781,816 Nonvolatile magnetic memory device and photomask
45 7,781,798 Solid-state image pickup device and fabrication method therefor
46 7,781,710 Image pickup apparatus, control method, and program with autofocus selection
47 7,781,524 Releasing composition
48 7,781,096 Battery case
49 7,781,090 Solid electrolyte battery
50 7,781,073 Organic electroluminescence element and display device constructed therefrom
51 7,780,530 Character managing system, character server, character managing method, and program
52 7,780,528 Reception apparatus, reception method and recording medium
53 7,780,306 Light guide plate, backlight unit and method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display