Sony patents granted on 24 February 2009

43 US patents granted on 24 February 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 D587,291 Video camera
2 D587,266 Storage medium
3 D587,262 Personal digital assistant
4 D587,249 Earphone
5 D587,248 Earphone
6 D587,247 Earphone
7 D587,243 Headphone
8 D587,242 Headphone
9 D587,241 Headphone
10 D587,227 Disc player
11 7,496,967 Information service method and information service system
12 7,496,965 Data recording medium, data recording method, data processing device, data distribution method, data distribution device, data transmission method, data transmission device, data distribution system, and data communication system
13 7,496,944 Method and apparatus for maintaining a digital television receiver database
14 7,496,934 Chassis and cartridge holder with ejection mechanism for ejecting a cartridge from a disk apparatus
15 7,496,824 Data recording device and method, data reproduction device and method, information recording medium, program-containing medium, and program
16 7,496,756 Content usage-right management system and management method
17 7,496,752 System and method for controlling communication using device ID
18 7,496,675 Data multiplexer, data multiplexing method, and recording medium
19 7,496,669 Content distribution with content tagging and third party verification
20 7,496,597 Techniques for spatial representation of data and browsing based on similarity
21 7,496,438 In-vehicle equipment system
22 7,496,276 Television broadcast signal receiving apparatus
23 7,496,211 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
24 7,496,209 Techniques and systems for embedding and detecting watermarks in digital data
25 7,496,101 Network topology aware configuration of network addresses in wireless personal area networks
26 7,496,024 Hologram apparatus and hologram recording method
27 7,496,010 Disk drive and pre-pit detection method
28 7,496,004 Data reproducing apparatus, data reproducing method, data recording and reproducing apparatus, and data recording and reproducing method
29 7,495,926 Interface module for electronic devices
30 7,495,858 Information processing apparatus having built-in hard disk drive and head retraction processing method of built-in hard disk drive
31 7,495,707 Signal processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
32 7,495,691 Image processing apparatus
33 7,495,680 Image signal processing apparatus and displaying method
34 7,495,652 Pointing device enabling means, input device and portable device incorporating same
35 7,495,606 Positioning information processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, method of processing positioning information, and program
36 7,495,597 Counter circuit, AD conversion method, AD converter, semiconductor device for detecting distribution of physical quantities, and electronic apparatus
37 7,495,475 Drive circuit
38 7,495,416 Battery pack, battery protection processing apparatus, and startup control method of the battery protection processing apparatus
39 7,495,397 Drive device for light emitting diode element, light source device, and display
40 7,494,938 Advanced low dielectric constant organosilicon plasma chemical vapor deposition films
41 7,494,743 Anode and battery
42 7,494,368 DC adapter and electronic apparatus using the same
43 7,494,100 Electronic equipment tilting and rotating apparatus