Sony patents granted on 24 January 2012

69 US patents granted on 24 January 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 8,104,066 User identification and prioritization using Bluetooth
2 8,104,064 Bi-directional remote control unit and method of using the same
3 8,104,062 Information providing apparatus and method, display controlling apparatus and method, information providing system, as well as transmission medium
4 8,104,060 Information transmitting method and television broadcast receiver
5 8,103,969 Automatic generation of TV history list that stacks TV channels and other objects
6 8,103,963 Graphical user interface, display control device, display method, and program
7 8,103,945 Decoding method and decoding apparatus as well as program
8 8,103,886 Dedicated power supply apparatus, terminal, power supply system, and power supply method
9 8,103,848 Memory control device and information processing apparatus
10 8,103,839 Content data communication system, content data recording/reproducing device, data communication method and program
11 8,103,771 Distributing processing apparatus, method, and system
12 8,103,699 Contents reordering in a contents reproduction apparatus
13 8,103,562 System and method for processor cycle accounting and valuation
14 8,103,450 Navigation apparatus and navigation processing method
15 8,103,149 Playback system, apparatus, and method, information processing apparatus and method, and program therefor
16 8,103,126 Information presentation apparatus, information presentation method, imaging apparatus, and computer program
17 8,103,124 Registration apparatus, registration method and program
18 8,103,115 Information processing apparatus, method, and program
19 8,103,114 Image processing apparatus, method, storage medium, and program
20 8,103,106 Image processing method, image processing method program, recording medium recording image processing method program, and image processing apparatus
21 8,103,069 Registration apparatus, verification apparatus, registration method, verification method and program
22 8,103,062 Video processing apparatus
23 8,103,060 Feature point reduction for blood vessel biometric system
24 8,103,004 Method, apparatus and system for use in distributed and parallel decryption
25 8,103,000 Slice mask and moat pattern partial encryption
26 8,102,913 DCT/Q/IQ/IDCT bypass algorithm in MPEG to AVC/H.264 transcoding
27 8,102,895 Radio transmission apparatus, radio reception apparatus, transceiver, and radio communication method
28 8,102,890 Semiconductor light emitting device
29 8,102,829 Wireless transmission device, wireless transmission method, wireless communication system, and program
30 8,102,810 Adaptively selecting signal constellations for multi-carrier edge
31 8,102,749 Object lens, optical pickup, and optical disc device
32 8,102,746 Method of recording data, method of manufacturing read-only optical disc, and read-only optical disc
33 8,102,744 Recording medium playback device and recording medium playback method
34 8,102,743 PLL circuit, recording apparatus, and clock-signal generating method
35 8,102,742 Optical information recording medium, optical information recordng apparatus, and optical information recording method
36 8,102,739 Optical disk playback apparatus and optical disk recording/playback apparatus
37 8,102,716 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for performing verify write operation on the same
38 8,102,609 Lens barrel and image pickup unit
39 8,102,498 Liquid crystal display device
40 8,102,485 Electro-optical device including prismatic condensing layers
41 8,102,473 Image correction circuit, image correction method and image display
42 8,102,467 Camera module and imaging device
43 8,102,459 Image pickup apparatus
44 8,102,458 Tilt direction detector for orienting display information
45 8,102,449 Image pickup circuit having circuit blocks with counters
46 8,102,436 Image-capturing apparatus and method, recording apparatus and method, and reproducing apparatus and method
47 8,102,434 Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and program
48 8,102,433 Displaying availability of auto-focus areas in an image-capturing apparatus
49 8,102,409 Printer device
50 8,102,405 TV screen text capture
51 8,102,395 Display apparatus, image processing apparatus and image processing method, imaging apparatus, and program
52 8,102,388 Method of driving organic electroluminescence display apparatus
53 8,102,346 Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus including the same
54 8,102,336 Display apparatus and method for making the same
55 8,102,333 Display device securing mechanism and display system that rotates display devices around a rotational axis
56 8,101,999 SOI substrate and method for producing the same, solid-state image pickup device and method for producing the same, and image pickup apparatus
57 8,101,982 Memory device which comprises a multi-layer capacitor
58 8,101,912 Image-taking apparatus and method thereof
59 8,101,901 Method and apparatus for acquiring physical information, method for manufacturing semiconductor device including array of a plurality of unit components for detecting physical quantity distribution, light-receiving device and manufacturing method therefor, and solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method therefor
60 8,101,869 Mounting structure, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
61 8,101,845 Information processing apparatus, method, and program
62 8,101,457 Mounting method, mounted structure, manufacturing method for electronic equipment, electronic equipment, manufacturing method for light-emitting diode display, and light-emitting diode display
63 8,101,432 Method of repairing an image display unit
64 8,101,311 Fuel cell and electronic apparatus with the same mounted thereon
65 8,101,296 Battery having a charge voltage between 4.25 V and 6.00 V
66 8,100,589 Optical module and optical waveguide
67 8,100,519 Liquid discharging head, liquid discharging apparatus, and bubble removing method for the liquid discharging apparatus
68 8,100,485 Rotating door mechanism and electronic appliance
69 8,100,011 Piezoelectric device, oscillation type gyro sensor, electronic device, and method of manufacturing piezoelectric device