Sony patents granted on 24 July 2007

43 US patents granted on 24 July 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 RE39,745 Recording medium retaining data for menu control, menu control method and apparatus
2 RE39,739 Glass bulb for color picture tube and the same tube
3 D547,352 Projector
4 D547,301 Speaker box
5 D547,300 Disc player
6 D547,299 Portable stereo
7 D547,298 Combined disc player, radio receiver and tape player
8 D547,297 Combined television stand, speaker, tuner and amplifier
9 D547,288 Combined disc player and amplifier
10 D547,287 Combined disc player and amplifier
11 D547,286 Combined disc player and amplifier
12 D547,285 Disc player
13 D547,279 Monitor television receiver
14 7,249,368 Tuner apparatus
15 7,249,362 Disk chucking mechanism and disk drive device with increased positional accuracy
16 7,249,144 Recording apparatus, file management method, program for file management method, and recording medium having program for file management method recorded thereon
17 7,249,106 Information processing method and apparatus and program storage medium for prohibiting duplication of contents in large quantities
18 7,249,101 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a decoding key encoded with specific information to decode encrypted information of a record medium
19 7,249,017 Speech recognition with score calculation
20 7,248,935 Information signal reproducing apparatus
21 7,248,862 Method and apparatus for retrieving calling party information in a mobile communications system
22 7,248,834 Communication apparatus
23 7,248,796 Imaging apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
24 7,248,795 Image projection apparatus, projection image pattern, laser drive apparatus, camera apparatus
25 7,248,789 Audio signal processing method, audio signal processing apparatus, Hi-Fi video apparatus, digital video apparatus and 8 mm video apparatus
26 7,248,786 Video signal processing apparatus, video signal playback apparatus, and video signal recording apparatus
27 7,248,784 Signal conversion apparatus and method
28 7,248,722 Fingerprint identification apparatus and fingerprint identification method
29 7,248,653 Low power and high linearity receivers with reactively biased front ends
30 7,248,633 Image decoding device and image decoding method
31 7,248,612 Semiconductor laser device with multi-dimensional-photonic-crystallized region
32 7,248,599 Signal processing apparatus
33 7,248,558 Mastering device, disc manufacturing method, disc-shaped recording medium, disc reproduction device, and disc reproduction method
34 7,248,544 Optical head and recording and/or reproducing apparatus employing same
35 7,248,522 Sense amplifier power-gating technique for integrated circuit memory devices and those devices incorporating embedded dynamic random access memory (DRAM)
36 7,248,514 Semiconductor memory device
37 7,248,389 Holographic recording and reconstructing apparatus and holographic recording and reconstructing method
38 7,248,292 Imaging device with world standard time calculation and the ability to transmit said calculated time information
39 7,248,289 Image-pickup signal processor and method of detecting flicker
40 7,248,167 Methods, computer program products, mobile terminals, and web pages for providing directional information associated with RFID enabled moveable objects
41 7,248,114 Contactless IC card system
42 7,247,902 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
43 7,247,410 Complementary division mask, method of producing mask, and program