Sony patents granted on 24 July 2012

91 US patents granted on 24 July 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D664,213 Portable information terminal
2 D664,212 Portable information terminal
3 D664,180 Projector
4 D664,177 Video camcorder
5 D664,175 Video camera
6 D664,113 Headphone
7 8,230,488 Network system, direct-access method, network household electrical appliance, and program
8 8,230,459 Program guide providing system, program guide providing apparatus, program guide providing method, and program guide providing program
9 8,230,453 Door opening and closing mechanism provided at the front of an apparatus body
10 8,230,364 Information retrieval
11 8,230,346 Graphical user interface for an information mediation system
12 8,230,169 Electronic apparatus, disk switching method and computer program
13 8,230,118 Interface circuit and video apparatus
14 8,230,084 Network management in a media network environment
15 8,230,004 Information processing apparatus, information communication system, information processing method, and computer program
16 8,229,941 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program therefor
17 8,229,845 Withdrawal processing apparatus and withdrawal processing method
18 8,229,488 Methods, apparatuses and computer programs for media content distribution
19 8,229,465 Position estimation of a wireless terminal in a structure using base station signal information
20 8,229,460 Demodulation apparatus and receiving apparatus
21 8,229,426 Mobile communication terminal, method, and radio communication system
22 8,229,405 Communication terminals, systems, methods, and computer program products for publishing, sharing and accessing media files
23 8,229,402 Generic parser for electronic devices
24 8,229,394 Methods, devices and computer program products for tracking usage of a network by a plurality of users of a mobile phone
25 8,229,359 Center device
26 8,229,356 Wireless processing system, wireless processing method, and wireless electronic device
27 8,229,348 Data transmitting apparatus and method
28 8,229,281 Recording apparatus, recording method, recording program, recording/reproducing apparatus, recording/reproducing method, recording/reproducing program, editing apparatus, editing method, and editing program
29 8,229,278 Portfolios in disc authoring
30 8,229,273 Recording-and-reproducing apparatus and recording-and-reproducing method
31 8,229,183 Imaging apparatus
32 8,229,179 Finger vein authentication apparatus and finger vein authentication method
33 8,229,172 Algorithms for estimating precise and relative object distances in a scene
34 8,229,154 Headphone device
35 8,229,137 Volume control circuits for use in electronic devices and related methods and electronic devices
36 8,229,135 Audio enhancement method and system
37 8,229,116 Information processing apparatus and method and program
38 8,228,995 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
39 8,228,990 Template matching scheme using multiple predictors as candidates for intra-prediction
40 8,228,988 Encoding device, encoding method, decoding device, and decoding method
41 8,228,969 Pseudo-echo cancellation processing apparatus, pseudo-echo cancellation method and digital-broadcast receiving apparatus
42 8,228,960 Laser device, laser display device, and laser irradiation device
43 8,228,941 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
44 8,228,924 AC PLC to DC PLC transceiver
45 8,228,894 Synchronization circuit, synchronization method, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
46 8,228,884 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
47 8,228,864 Communication unit, system and method for saving power therein
48 8,228,777 Objective lens, an optical pickup, and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
49 8,228,773 Laser driving device and optical apparatus
50 8,228,764 Recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/reproducing system
51 8,228,671 Electronic apparatus including a cooling unit and a wall member
52 8,228,620 Variable focal length lens system and image pickup device
53 8,228,612 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
54 8,228,462 Optical element laminate, backlight, and liquid crystal display apparatus
55 8,228,436 Image synthesizing apparatus
56 8,228,435 Enhanced metadata presented in a pop-up window on cross-media bar user interface when a user hovers a screen cursor over a TV channel icon
57 8,228,432 Picture processing device, method therefor, and program
58 8,228,420 Lens driver, camera module, imaging apparatus, and camera-equipped mobile terminal
59 8,228,412 Information display apparatus, image taking apparatus, and method and computer program for controlling displaying information
60 8,228,400 Generation of simulated long exposure images in response to multiple short exposures
61 8,228,392 Method and unit for generating high dynamic range image and video frame
62 8,228,390 Image taking apparatus with shake correction, image processing apparatus with shake correction, image processing method with shake correction, and image processing program with shake correction
63 8,228,383 Image pickup apparatus and method for controlling ranging area based on detected object
64 8,228,361 Information processing device, information processing method, information processing program, and portable terminal device
65 8,228,351 Image display apparatus featuring improved contrast
66 8,228,341 Image processing apparatus and image processing method, and program
67 8,228,334 Image processing method
68 8,228,309 Display apparatus and information input apparatus
69 8,228,303 Information communication apparatus and method of controlling information communication apparatus
70 8,228,285 Display control apparatus and method, and program
71 8,228,268 Display device, method of driving display device, and computer program
72 8,228,262 Method and system for processing wireless digital multimedia
73 8,228,255 Printed circuit board (PCB) antenna assembly with radio frequency (RF) shroud
74 8,228,246 Electronic device
75 8,228,242 Ultra wide band secondary antennas and wireless devices using the same
76 8,228,202 Transmitting information to a user’s body
77 8,227,981 Light-emitting device, illumination apparatus, and display apparatus
78 8,227,864 CMOS semiconductor device
79 8,227,796 Display device
80 8,227,746 Method and system to measure noise inserted mm-waves
81 8,227,737 Imaging device camera system and driving method of the same
82 8,227,734 Solid state image pickup device having optical black pixels with temperature characteristics above and below temperature characteristics of aperture pixels
83 8,227,582 Production of platinum particle nucleic acid composite comprising subnanometer size particles
84 8,227,317 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
85 8,227,314 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
86 8,227,102 Battery tray, electronic apparatus, and vertical grip device
87 8,226,394 Optical molding apparatus and optical molding method
88 8,226,258 Surface light source device, manufacturing method of the same, and image display device
89 8,226,256 Display unit
90 8,226,245 Composite optical element and projection optical device
91 8,226,227 Glasses for image viewing