Sony patents granted on 24 June 2014

93 US patents granted on 24 June 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 D707,744 Portable digital camera
2 D707,659 Headset
3 D707,642 Mobile phone
4 8,763,157 Statutory license restricted digital media playback on portable devices
5 8,763,143 System and method for providing content in two formats on one DRM disk
6 8,763,124 Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
7 8,763,090 Management of ancillary content delivery and presentation
8 8,763,038 Capture of stylized TV table data via OCR
9 8,762,882 Information processing apparatus, control method for use therein, and computer program
10 8,762,863 Method and apparatus for gesture manipulation across multiple devices
11 8,762,849 Method and device for displaying information
12 8,762,812 Decoding device, decoding method, and program
13 8,762,715 Event triggered pairing of wireless communication devices based on time measurements
14 8,762,659 Storage apparatus and method, program, and playback apparatus and method
15 8,762,616 Bus system and bridge circuit connecting bus system and connection apparatus
16 8,762,565 Information-provision control method, information reproduction system, information-provision apparatus, information reproduction apparatus and information-presentation control program
17 8,762,380 Correlating categories of attributes of contents with classification elements
18 8,762,264 Communication system and information processing method
19 8,762,135 Frequency band extension apparatus and method, encoding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, and program
20 8,762,113 Method and apparatus for load testing online server systems
21 8,762,082 Wireless network using signal strength to detect the movement of a mobile device
22 8,761,840 Methods, devices and computer program products for operating mobile devices responsive to user input through movement thereof
23 8,761,830 Proximity sensor and portable terminal
24 8,761,794 Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, information processing device, information processing method, and program
25 8,761,741 Location-based enabling/disabling of caller id/caller id blocking features for mobile device
26 8,761,734 Buffering streaming content
27 8,761,730 Display processing apparatus
28 8,761,729 Radio terminal apparatus, communication system, and method of controlling radio terminal apparatus
29 8,761,705 Antenna, communication module, communication system, position estimating device, position estimating method, position adjusting device, and position adjusting method
30 8,761,581 Editing device, editing method, and editing program
31 8,761,575 Method and apparatus for searching replay data
32 8,761,574 Method and system for assisting language learning
33 8,761,573 Recording device, imaging and recording device, recording method, and program
34 8,761,570 Recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, recording/reproducing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, recording method, and program
35 8,761,530 Apparatus and method to control target code amount
36 8,761,468 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
37 8,761,462 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
38 8,761,434 Tracking system calibration by reconciling inertial data with computed acceleration of a tracked object in the three-dimensional coordinate system
39 8,761,420 Image processing apparatus and method and a recording medium
40 8,761,414 Reproduction device and reproduction method
41 8,761,412 Microphone array steering with image-based source location
42 8,761,408 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
43 8,761,406 Audio signal processing device and audio signal processing method
44 8,761,386 Sound processing apparatus, method, and program
45 8,761,279 Reception apparatus and method, demodulation apparatus and method, and program
46 8,761,272 System and communications device for transmitting data via a powerline and corresponding method
47 8,761,221 Light-emitting element and method for manufacturing the same
48 8,761,194 Apparatus and method for signaling in a wireless communication system
49 8,761,174 Quality of service traffic recognition and packet classification home mesh network
50 8,761,121 Method for performing handover, user equipment, base station, and radio communication system
51 8,761,091 Apparatus and method for signaling in a wireless communication system
52 8,761,072 Communication method, communication device, and computer program
53 8,760,985 Manufacturing method for optical disc, optical disc, playback method for optical disc, playback apparatus for optical disc, recording apparatus for optical disc
54 8,760,982 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and program
55 8,760,905 Electric fuse, semiconductor device, and information writing method of electric fuse
56 8,760,884 Portable information apparatus
57 8,760,770 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
58 8,760,586 Tuner module and a receiving apparatus
59 8,760,585 Nested symbol constellations representing respective services for graceful degradation in the presence of noise
60 8,760,582 Method for selecting an input media source
61 8,760,579 Video display apparatus, video display system and video display method
62 8,760,560 Imaging apparatus and method of controlling imaging apparatus for adding a shading to an image
63 8,760,554 Information processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image display control method and computer program
64 8,760,550 Display control apparatus, display control method, and program
65 8,760,548 Solid-state imaging device, imaging apparatus, and method of driving the solid-state imaging device
66 8,760,545 Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method therefor, solid-state imaging apparatus, and image capturing apparatus
67 8,760,539 Information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium for content data associated with position data
68 8,760,531 Image processing device, image processing method, and imaging apparatus
69 8,760,498 Disparity data transport in standard caption service
70 8,760,497 Video signal processing device, display device, display method and program product
71 8,760,463 Automatic color adjustment of a template design
72 8,760,440 Electronic device with a thin display
73 8,760,425 Method and apparatus for enabling touchpad gestures
74 8,760,422 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
75 8,760,418 Display control apparatus, display control method and display control program
76 8,760,381 Display device and driving method
77 8,760,373 Pixel circuit, display device, and method of driving pixel circuit
78 8,760,372 Pixel circuit and display device, and a method of manufacturing pixel circuit
79 8,760,369 Display device
80 8,760,110 Electricity distribution system and electricity distribution method
81 8,760,048 Organic layer including multiple reflective interfaces for light emitting illumination, and display apparatuses
82 8,760,047 Display panel and panel inspection apparatus
83 8,759,933 Solid-state image pickup element, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus using the same
84 8,759,886 Solid-state image capturing device, method of manufacturing solid-state image capturing device, method of driving solid-state image capturing device, and electronic apparatus
85 8,759,849 Driving substrate and display device
86 8,759,790 Fluorescence image producing method, fluorescence image producing apparatus, and fluorescence image producing program
87 8,759,742 Two-dimensional solid-state image capture device with polarization member and color filter for sub-pixel regions
88 8,759,738 Imaging element having plural light collecting parts each including a specific projection and depression structure, method for manufacturing imaging element, pixel design method, and electronic apparatus
89 8,759,222 Method for fabrication of semiconductor device
90 8,758,980 Optical information recording medium and method of recording and/or reproducing therein
91 8,758,933 Battery with electrode arrangement in relation to the holder
92 8,758,244 Information processing system and information processing apparatus
93 8,758,132 Methods and systems for enabling depth and direction detection when interfacing with a computer program