Sony patents granted on 24 March 2015

68 US patents granted on 24 March 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,434 Information transmitting apparatus and method, information receiving apparatus and method, information transmitting and receiving system and method, recording medium and program
2 RE45,433 Information transmitting apparatus and method, information receiving apparatus and method, information transmitting and receiving system and method, recording medium and program
3 8,990,861 Method and apparatus for navigating video content
4 8,990,730 Electronic device and function assigning method
5 8,990,716 Chronology providing method, chronology providing apparatus, and recording medium containing chronology providing program
6 8,990,704 Remote user interface media adapter in network bridge
7 8,990,703 Smart-remote protocol
8 8,990,689 Training for substituting touch gestures for GUI or hardware keys to control audio video play
9 8,990,446 Method and apparatus for decreasing presentation latency
10 8,990,339 Information processing apparatus and method, and program
11 8,990,174 System and method for identifying media assets
12 8,990,122 Method and system for providing computer application support
13 8,990,024 Fluorescence intensity compensation method and fluorescence intensity calculation device
14 8,989,982 Velocity calculation device, velocity calculation method, and navigation device
15 8,989,495 Capturing metadata on set using a smart pen
16 8,989,482 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
17 8,989,406 User profile based audio adjustment techniques
18 8,989,398 Crowd noise audio process and apparatus
19 8,989,384 Digital cinema management device and digital cinema management method
20 8,989,273 Image information encoding method and encoder, and image information decoding method and decoder
21 8,989,228 Laser diode device, method of driving the same, and laser diode apparatus
22 8,989,170 Wireless communication system and wireless communication control method, wireless communication device and wireless communication method, and computer program
23 8,989,077 Base station, communication system, mobile terminal, and relay device
24 8,989,074 Communication apparatus, communication method, and communication system
25 8,989,052 Method and apparatus for a wireless home mesh network with network topology visualizer
26 8,988,993 Wireless transmission system, wireless communication device and wireless transmission method
27 8,988,612 Receiver, reception method, transmitter, transmission method, program and broadcasting system
28 8,988,610 Electronic equipment, control information transmission and reception methods having bidirectional communication using predetermined lines
29 8,988,609 Scheme for determining the locations and timing of advertisements and other insertions in media
30 8,988,603 Imaging unit and installation device
31 8,988,589 Image pickup apparatus and display control method
32 8,988,575 Semiconductor module, MOS type solid-state image pickup device, camera and manufacturing method of camera
33 8,988,569 Image pickup unit and image pickup display system
34 8,988,560 Solid-state image pickup element and camera system having mechanism for canceling potential drop on signal line
35 8,988,547 Image signal correcting device, imaging device, image signal correcting method, and program
36 8,988,533 Image recording apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image management system, image analysis information management method, and program for managing an image and analysis information on the image
37 8,988,528 Video processing device, video processing method, and program
38 8,988,520 Method and apparatus for improving depth of field (DOF) in microscopy
39 8,988,507 User interface for autofocus
40 8,988,500 Information processing apparatus, stereoscopic display method, and program
41 8,988,499 Information processing apparatus, stereoscopic display method, and program
42 8,988,497 Transmitter, display, shutter eyeglass device, transmission/reception system, display system and transmission/reception method
43 8,988,490 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and server
44 8,988,424 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for generating multi-viewpoint images
45 8,988,415 Display device, method of laying out wiring in display device, and electronic device
46 8,988,386 Sensor managed apparatus, method and computer program product
47 8,988,375 Device and method for extracting data on a touch screen
48 8,988,373 Skin input via tactile tags
49 8,988,363 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling display, and computer-readable recording medium
50 8,988,357 Stylus activated display/key-lock
51 8,988,348 Information processing device, information processing system and information processing method
52 8,988,347 Image processing apparatus, image displaying method, and image displaying program
53 8,988,330 Display device, method for driving the same, and electronic apparatus
54 8,988,327 Display device having shared column lines
55 8,988,326 Pixel circuit, display device, and method of driving pixel circuit
56 8,988,325 Display device that switches light emission states multiple times during one field period
57 8,988,322 Display unit with gradation control, method of driving the same, and electronics device
58 8,988,320 Display device, driving method thereof, and electronic device
59 8,988,315 Head mounted display
60 8,988,270 System and method for authenticating components in wireless home entertainment system
61 8,987,903 Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
62 8,987,899 Circuit board, semiconductor element, semiconductor device, method for manufacturing circuit board, method for manufacturing semiconductor element, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
63 8,987,866 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and antenna switch module
64 8,987,763 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same, and light emitting unit
65 8,987,760 Organic EL display device and electronic apparatus
66 8,986,893 Battery, battery pack, electronic apparatus, electrically driven vehicle, electrical storage device, and electric power system
67 8,986,880 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery, battery pack, electronic device, electric vehicle, power storage device, and power system
68 8,985,451 Communication apparatus, communication method, and program