Sony patents granted on 24 May 2011

55 US patents granted on 24 May 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D638,457 Video camcorder
2 D638,415 Audio player
3 D638,409 Mobile phone accessory
4 D638,405 Stereo speaker
5 7,950,034 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program for the same
6 7,950,030 TV remote control signal log
7 7,950,003 Heads-up-display software development tool for analyzing and optimizing computer software
8 7,949,965 Apparatus and method for processing map data and storage medium having information for controlling the processing of map data
9 7,949,881 Mobil terminal device, personal identification number verification program, and method of verifying personal identification number
10 7,949,875 Message authentication
11 7,949,872 Battery and authentication requesting device
12 7,949,791 Device and method for replacing terms in documents with hyperlinks
13 7,949,784 Peer-to-peer data relay
14 7,949,731 Communication apparatus, communication control method, and program for reading communication control information for removable storage media
15 7,949,696 Floating-point number arithmetic circuit for handling immediate values
16 7,949,680 Program ancillary data producing device, picture program editing device and picture program producing device
17 7,949,667 Information processing apparatus, method, and program
18 7,949,604 Information providing system, and information processing apparatus and method
19 7,949,428 Robot apparatus and method of controlling the same
20 7,949,376 Advanced power saving in communication terminal, communication system and power control method
21 7,949,258 Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus and radio communication method as well as computer program
22 7,949,232 Apparatus, method and control system for inputting a reproduction speed of a video signal
23 7,949,230 Electronic equipment, system for video content, and display method
24 7,949,229 Discontinuous timeline in disc authoring
25 7,949,208 Monitor system, monitor device, search method, and search program
26 7,949,188 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
27 7,949,140 Sound measuring apparatus and method, and audio signal processing apparatus
28 7,949,042 Image searching device and method, program and program recording medium
29 7,948,939 Method and apparatus to perform synchronization in an AD-HOC network
30 7,948,925 Communication device and communication method
31 7,948,863 Pilot pattern design for a STTD scheme in an OFDM system
32 7,948,853 Optical disc device and optical information recording method
33 7,948,840 Optical disc device and converging position correction method
34 7,948,836 Optical disk drive and optical disk drive control method
35 7,948,562 System and method for controlling TV display lamp brightness
36 7,948,538 Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, exposure control method, and program
37 7,948,533 Solid state image sensor device having signal noise reduction circuitry
38 7,948,487 Occlusion culling method and rendering processing apparatus
39 7,948,485 Real-time computer simulation of water surfaces
40 7,948,476 Touch screen input method and device
41 7,948,458 Amplifier circuit and display device
42 7,948,456 Pixel circuit, display and driving method thereof
43 7,948,454 Method for driving light-emitting diode, light-emitting diode, method for driving display, display, method for driving electronic device, electronic device, method for driving optical communication apparatus, and optical communication apparatus
44 7,948,415 DA converter, AD converter, and semiconductor device
45 7,948,408 Entropy decoding methods and apparatus using most probable and least probable signal cases
46 7,948,379 Optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus, remote controller, and content management method
47 7,948,285 PLL circuit, radio terminal device and control method of PLL circuit
48 7,948,246 Electronic device utilizing impedance and/or resistance identification to identify an accessory device
49 7,947,749 System for recycling a used plastic, method for reprocessing a used ABS resin, and reclaimed ABS resin
50 7,947,528 Solid-state image pickup device, electronic apparatus using such solid-state image pickup device and method of manufacturing solid-state image pickup device
51 7,946,909 Ordered execution of actions in a game environment
52 7,946,723 Backlight device
53 7,946,680 Liquid discharging apparatus and method for manufacturing liquid discharging apparatus
54 7,946,475 Financial server, IC card terminal, and financial information processing method
55 7,946,473 Authentication information management system, authentication information management server, authentication information management method and program