Sony patents granted on 24 May 2016

45 US patents granted on 24 May 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 D757,087 Display panel or screen with an animated icon
2 D756,954 Wearable player
3 9,351,319 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer program
4 9,351,268 Massive MIMO cell synchronization: AP to AP indirect communication
5 9,351,204 Method for controlling handover, user equipment, base station, and radio communication system
6 9,351,108 Information processing system, information processing terminal, information processing method, program, and information storage medium
7 9,351,103 Communication device, communication system, and communication method
8 9,351,100 Device for control of data transfer in local area network
9 9,351,092 Audio processing device, audio processing method, and program
10 9,351,090 Method of checking earphone wearing state
11 9,351,063 Bluetooth earplugs
12 9,350,981 Image display system, shutter glasses, and display apparatus
13 9,350,972 Encoding device and encoding method, and decoding device and decoding method
14 9,350,931 Communication system, transmission apparatus, transmission method, reception apparatus and reception method
15 9,350,929 Semiconductor apparatus, solid-state image sensing apparatus, and camera system
16 9,350,912 Portable device, information processing method, and program
17 9,350,787 Methods and systems for generation and execution of miniapp of computer application served by cloud computing system
18 9,350,578 Sigma-delta modulation apparatus and sigma-delta modulation power amplifier
19 9,350,541 Communication apparatus, communication method, communication system, and computer program
20 9,350,527 Reception unit and receiving method
21 9,350,516 Uplink resource allocation to control intercell interference in a wireless communication system
22 9,350,462 Field coupling electrode, communication device, and communication system
23 9,350,459 Optical reception circuit, optical reception device, and optical transmission system
24 9,350,265 AC tied inverter, system and method
25 9,350,051 Secondary battery cell, battery pack, and electric power consumption device
26 9,350,050 Current collector, negative electrode and battery
27 9,350,023 Negative electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell, method of manufacturing the same, and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell
28 9,350,005 Non-aqueous electrolyte battery, separator, battery pack, electronic device, electromotive vehicle, power storage apparatus, and electric power system
29 9,349,963 Photoelectric conversion element and solid-state imaging apparatus
30 9,349,952 Methods for fabricating a memory device with an enlarged space between neighboring bottom electrodes
31 9,349,320 Display device and output buffer circuit for driving the same
32 9,349,310 Display device for displaying two-dimensional and three-dimensional images without a black matrix
33 9,349,201 Command sentinel
34 9,349,157 Method and apparatus for controlling a virtual camera
35 9,349,151 Fingerprinting of data
36 9,348,829 Media management system and process
37 9,348,495 Control of large screen display using wireless portable computer and facilitating selection of audio on a headphone
38 9,348,485 Image processing apparatus and method, and computer program product
39 9,348,424 Input device, input method, and computer program for inputting characters, numbers, or symbols by using an on-screen keyboard
40 9,348,373 Electronic apparatus and cooling method thereof
41 9,347,626 Illumination device including uniformization optical member including a plurality of unit cells and display unit including the illumination device
42 9,345,970 Switching operation of an entertainment device and method thereof
43 9,345,966 Sharing recorded gameplay to a social graph
44 9,345,430 Imaging apparatus and imaging method thereof, image processing apparatus and image processing method thereof, and program
45 9,345,429 Image processing device, image processing system, image processing method, and program