Sony patents granted on 24 October 2006

49 US patents granted on 24 October 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 D530,732 Camera
2 D530,731 Camera
3 D530,690 Combined disc recorder and hard disc drive
4 D530,689 Disc player
5 7,127,736 Content processing apparatus and content processing method for digest information based on input of a content user
6 7,127,732 Disc cartridge including an inner shell formed by severing a molded portion and a flanged thin-walled section
7 7,127,665 Trellis code detector and decoder
8 7,127,619 Decoding and decryption of partially encrypted information
9 7,127,612 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information providing medium, information decryption apparatus, and information recording medium
10 7,127,580 Apparatus and method for controlling data access using encrypted link position information
11 7,127,570 Proximity communication system, proximity communication method, data managing apparatus and data management method, storage medium, and computer program
12 7,127,497 Information communication system for carrying out communication and delivery of information
13 7,127,496 Communications relay device, communications relay method, communications terminal apparatus and program storage medium
14 7,127,454 E-marker find music
15 7,127,306 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and recording apparatus
16 7,127,161 Lens barrel and optical apparatus
17 7,127,156 Recording apparatus and method
18 7,127,151 Signal recording method and apparatus, signal recording/reproducing method and appparatus and signal recording medium
19 7,127,122 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
20 7,127,111 Image coding apparatus and method, image decoding apparatus and method, and recording medium
21 7,127,079 Image processing apparatus
22 7,126,993 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and recording medium
23 7,126,899 Optical recording medium processing device and focal point control method thereof
24 7,126,892 Data record medium, data recording method and apparatus, and data transmitting method and apparatus
25 7,126,891 Apparatus and method for manufacturing optical disks, apparatus and method for recording data on optical disks, apparatus and method for reproducing data from optical disks, and optical disk formed with pit strings and mark strings
26 7,126,888 Optical pickup apparatus for detecting a focus-error signal using a spot size detection method
27 7,126,770 Data processing system having data reproduction independent of data processing
28 7,126,756 Image pickup device
29 7,126,642 Image display apparatus
30 7,126,635 Video apparatus and method featuring multiple scan mode implementation
31 7,126,633 Solid-state image-pickup device having primary color and gray color filters and processing means thereof
32 7,126,618 Apparatus and method for printing image and information associated therewith
33 7,126,574 Liquid crystal display apparatus, its driving method and liquid crystal display system
34 7,126,517 Delta-sigma modulator and delta-sigma modulation method
35 7,126,402 Signal generation apparatus for supplying timing signal to solid state device
36 7,126,376 Logic circuit, timing generation circuit, display device, and portable terminal
37 7,126,276 Non-evaporation type getter, display unit and production method for them
38 7,126,269 Organic electroluminescence device
39 7,126,231 Mask-making member and its production method, mask and its making method, exposure process, and fabrication method of semiconductor device
40 7,126,177 Semiconductor memory device, semiconductor device, and method for production thereof
41 7,126,152 Storage device
42 7,125,740 Solid-state image pickup device and fabrication method thereof
43 7,125,736 Method of crystallizing a nitride III-V compound semiconductor layer on a sapphire substrate
44 7,125,732 Semiconductor light emitting device and its manufacturing method
45 7,125,630 Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
46 7,125,271 Storage medium convey apparatus and convey method with ejection apparatus
47 7,125,260 Mounting structure of connector
48 7,125,104 Liquid-discharging head, liquid-discharging device, and method of producing the liquid-discharging head
49 7,125,099 Liquid ejector and liquid ejecting method