Sony patents granted on 25 January 2011

41 US patents granted on 25 January 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D631,485 Combined clock and audio player
2 D631,467 Cover for connecting terminal of electronic device
3 7,877,814 Content transferring apparatus, content transferring method, and computer program
4 7,877,778 Information processing system, information processing method, receiving apparatus, receiving method, data generating unit, data generating method, and program
5 7,877,531 Image processing apparatus and image processing apparatus controlling method
6 7,877,527 Cluster PC
7 7,877,513 Intelligent information retrieval system using hierarchically classified preferences
8 7,877,509 Balancing distribution of participants in a gaming environment
9 7,877,473 Mode detection of data transfer between a source device and a connected portable device
10 7,877,419 Information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
11 7,877,338 Information processing apparatus, method, and program using recurrent neural networks
12 7,877,328 Communication system communication method, contents processing device, and computer program
13 7,877,262 Displaying a menu of commands in a video game environment
14 7,877,087 Methods of remotely updating lists in mobile terminals and related systems and computer program products
15 7,877,065 Signal processing circuit and communication device using the same
16 7,876,975 Method for deriving noise statistical properties of a signal
17 7,876,915 Audio apparatus having tuner unit and digital reproducing unit
18 7,876,811 Method and apparatus for detecting spreading-code synchronization for spectrum spreading signals
19 7,876,717 System and method for providing access in powerline communications (PLC) network
20 7,876,658 Optical-disk device and record-control method with disc-management information writing features
21 7,876,655 Optical recording medium and recording device for this optical recording medium and recording method
22 7,876,652 Disc recording medium, disc drive apparatus, and reproduction method
23 7,876,647 Information processing apparatus and method, program and recording medium
24 7,876,480 Apparatus, method, and computer program for processing information
25 7,876,374 Image display system, display apparatus, and display method
26 7,876,369 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
27 7,876,365 Imaging apparatus and imaging method with enhanced exposure control
28 7,876,344 Photographic printing method, manufacturing method of photographic printed material, and printing apparatus
29 7,876,323 Display apparatus and display method, learning apparatus and learning method, and programs therefor
30 7,876,315 Thin image display apparatus
31 7,876,314 Display apparatus and driving method therefor
32 7,876,284 Antenna substrate for non-contact communication apparatus and non-contact communication apparatus
33 7,876,281 Magnetic material, magnetic sheet, and portable electronic apparatus
34 7,876,243 Transmission device and transmission method, information processing device and information processing method, and program
35 7,875,940 Micromachine and production method thereof
36 7,875,842 Solid state image pickup element and camera system
37 7,875,385 Battery, charging apparatus and electronic device
38 7,874,917 Methods and systems for enabling depth and direction detection when interfacing with a computer program
39 7,874,745 Lock mechanism, slide apparatus, and mobile handset apparatus
40 7,874,688 Deformable mirror device, deformable mirror plate
41 7,874,066 Method of manufacturing a device-incorporated substrate