Sony patents granted on 25 March 2014

75 US patents granted on 25 March 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 D701,552 Camera
2 8,683,533 Video transmission apparatus, video transmission system, and reproduction control method by video transmission apparatus
3 8,683,528 Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
4 8,683,520 Information providing system, receiving device, information providing device, information providing method and program
5 8,683,463 Portable terminal device and reception method for simultaneously displaying applications
6 8,683,383 Automatically culled cross-menu bar
7 8,683,336 Inter-device operation interface, device control terminal, and program
8 8,683,335 Information processing device, information processing method, and program for the same
9 8,683,290 Save area for retaining corrected data
10 8,683,236 Outlet expansion appartus containing a delegate authentication unit to perform authentication of an electronic appliance with a power management apparatus
11 8,683,200 Method and apparatus for implementing digital rights management
12 8,683,036 Distribution server, data distribution method, and program
13 8,682,963 Client device, information processing system and associated methodology of accessing networked services
14 8,682,934 Metadata generating apparatus, information processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, video conference system, security system, method of generating metadata, and program
15 8,682,830 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
16 8,682,360 Method and communication system for transferring messages containing audio and/or voice information
17 8,682,355 Position estimation apparatus, position estimation method, program, and position estimation system
18 8,682,259 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system, wireless communication method and program
19 8,682,148 Delta-sigma modulated video playback apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium
20 8,682,143 Moving image processing apparatus, moving image processing method, and program
21 8,682,141 Video and audio recording apparatus and editing method
22 8,682,138 Electronic apparatus, content reproduction method, record medium, and server apparatus
23 8,682,104 Image synthesizing apparatus, image synthesizing method, and image synthesizing program
24 8,682,092 Image file generation device, image processing device, image file generation method, image processing method, and data structure for image files
25 8,682,090 Image decoding apparatus and method for handling intra-image predictive decoding with various color spaces and color signal resolutions
26 8,682,088 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
27 8,682,084 Information processing device, method, and program
28 8,682,078 Moving image processing apparatus, moving image processing method, and program
29 8,682,046 Image management server, image display apparatus, image provision method, image acquisition method, program, and image management system
30 8,681,998 Volume correction device, volume correction method, volume correction program, and electronic equipment
31 8,681,904 Receiver, reception method, program and reception system
32 8,681,891 Selection of training sequences for multiple-in multiple-out transmissions
33 8,681,878 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
34 8,681,877 Decoding apparatus, decoding control apparatus, decoding method, and program
35 8,681,868 Coding system and method, encoding device and method, decoding device and method, recording device and method, and reproducing device and method
36 8,681,850 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method and program
37 8,681,460 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection device
38 8,681,447 Recording apparatus, server apparatus, recording method, program and storage medium
39 8,681,271 Synchronization signal adjustment device, synchronization signal adjustment method, image display device, and synchronization signal generation device
40 8,681,258 Imaging system, imaging apparatus, interchangeable lens, method of controlling imaging system, and program
41 8,681,256 Display method and display apparatus in which a part of a screen area is in a through-state
42 8,681,238 Image processing device, method and program
43 8,681,234 System and methdod for capturing and displaying still photo and video content
44 8,681,233 Camera image editing using a television
45 8,681,229 Image pickup device, image blur correcting method, and program
46 8,681,197 Communication system, terminal apparatus and computer program
47 8,681,190 Liquid crystal display
48 8,681,188 Display device, display method and computer program
49 8,681,157 Information processing apparatus, program, and information processing method
50 8,681,130 Stylus based haptic peripheral for touch screen and tablet devices
51 8,681,123 Input/output device
52 8,681,120 Input apparatus and display apparatus
53 8,681,111 Information processing device and information processing method
54 8,681,097 Reproducing device, setting changing method, and setting changing device
55 8,681,082 Display device and drive method therefor, and electronic unit
56 8,681,078 Display unit, method of driving the same, and electronics device
57 8,681,048 Arrival angle estimation system, communication device, and communication system
58 8,680,927 System and method for effectively implementing a front end for a transimpedance amplifier
59 8,680,876 Dynamic quantity detecting member and dynamic quantity detecting apparatus
60 8,680,765 Display device and method for manufacturing the same
61 8,680,761 Organic electroluminescence display device including wiring and stacked structure
62 8,680,636 Package-type solid-state imaging apparatus with exhausting means
63 8,680,540 Optical semiconductor apparatus having a bidirectional communication system employing a single-core optical fiber
64 8,680,502 Amorphous semiconductor layer memory device
65 8,680,413 Illuminating push-button device and portable terminal
66 8,680,386 Signal processing device, signal processing method, and program
67 8,680,009 Thermal transfer sheet
68 8,680,008 Custom decorating configure-to-order system and custom decorating process
69 8,679,849 Method and device for detection of heavy metal ions in water
70 8,679,692 Fuel cell having enhanced heat dissipation
71 8,679,683 Electrolyte solution containing a cyclic imide salt and light metal salt and battery
72 8,679,380 Lens forming method
73 8,678,922 Entertainment device and method
74 8,677,838 Contact-pressure detecting apparatus and input apparatus
75 8,677,820 Input apparatus