Sony patents granted on 25 October 2011

51 US patents granted on 25 October 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D647,524 Arithmetic and control unit
2 D647,330 Audio video stand
3 8,046,837 Information processing device, information recording medium, information processing method, and computer program
4 8,046,822 Electronic apparatus, function selection method of electronic apparatus and management system of electronic apparatus
5 8,046,817 Content reproducing apparatus, method, and medium
6 8,046,807 Information-processing system, information-processing apparatus, and information-processing method
7 8,046,795 Method and system for directing the generation of a video media event in a generation system based on a media event protocol file such that the video media event remains visible at a predetermined location in a second web page while a user navigates from a first web page to the second web page which does not refer to the video media event
8 8,046,688 System for and method of adjusting tempo to match audio events to video events or other audio events in a recorded signal
9 8,046,618 Semiconductor chip operating with minimal power consumption
10 8,046,580 Data processing apparatus and method for generation of protection compression encoded data
11 8,046,448 System and method for information sharing
12 8,046,434 Data communication apparatus and method, data communication system, information-processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
13 8,046,388 Program additional data creating device, video program editing device, and video program data creating device
14 8,046,384 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and information processing program
15 8,046,341 Information processing apparatus for reproducing metadata and method, program, and recording medium
16 8,046,325 Method and system for distributing product information
17 8,046,030 Methods, devices and computer program products for operating mobile devices responsive to user input through movement thereof
18 8,046,023 Mobile communication device with direction indicator
19 8,045,948 Receiving apparatus, program and receiving method
20 8,045,945 Reception apparatus, reception method and program
21 8,045,850 Image pickup apparatus, image recording apparatus and image recording method
22 8,045,842 Information processing apparatus and method, transmission apparatus and method, recording apparatus and method and program
23 8,045,837 Controller for photographing apparatus and photographing system
24 8,045,812 Method and system for initializing templates of moving objects
25 8,045,799 System and method for generating a photograph with variable image quality
26 8,045,796 Image processing device and image processing method performing color conversion processing using a lookup table
27 8,045,767 Fingerprint image reconstruction based on motion estimate across a narrow fringerprint sensor
28 8,045,757 Image monitoring system and object area tracking method
29 8,045,682 Stream current song
30 8,045,668 Frame synchronization apparatus and its control method
31 8,045,659 OFDM receiver and its automatic gain control circuit
32 8,045,658 Reception apparatus, reception method and program
33 8,045,622 System and method for generating decoded digital video image data
34 8,045,599 Selection of training sequences for multiple-in multiple-out transmissions
35 8,045,552 Wired exchange of control information in wireless system
36 8,045,543 Methods and apparatus for supplying alternative contact information in a communication system
37 8,045,071 Liquid crystal apparatus
38 8,045,063 Apparatus, method, and computer program for processing image, and recording medium storing the computer program
39 8,045,051 Imaging apparatus
40 8,045,050 Printing system having a cradle mounted to a printer and a camera mounted to the cradle
41 8,045,046 Four-dimensional polynomial model for depth estimation based on two-picture matching
42 8,045,013 Imaging device, imaging method and computer program
43 8,044,992 Monitor for monitoring a panoramic image
44 8,044,990 Camera controller and teleconferencing system
45 8,044,894 Display apparatus and driving method therefor, and electronic device
46 8,044,390 Material for organic electroluminescent device, organic electroluminescent device, and organic electroluminescent display
47 8,044,117 Latent hardener, process for producing the same, and adhesive containing latent hardener
48 8,043,761 Compact fuel cell separator incorporating fluid oxidant supply means, a fuel cell device and an electronic applied device incorporating the compact fuel cell separator
49 8,043,438 Device for cleaning CVD device and method of cleaning CVD device
50 8,043,149 In-game shot aiming indicator
51 8,042,950 Projection apparatus and image display apparatus with individual color light diffusion and microlens array