Sony patents granted on 25 September 2007

28 US patents granted on 25 September 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,275,261 Method and system for monitoring utilizing condition of contents, computer program and recording medium
2 7,275,253 Electronic apparatus and apparatus for recording and/or playback on recording medium
3 7,275,118 Input/output (I/O) device driver loading method for data processing system of computer, involves communicating secondary I/O device driver to data processing system using primary I/O device driver
4 7,275,067 Method and apparatus for providing multiple levels of abstraction in descriptions of audiovisual content
5 7,274,863 Data stream processing device and method and program storage medium
6 7,274,862 Information processing apparatus
7 7,274,859 Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
8 7,274,798 Speaker device
9 7,274,727 Circuit for detecting a shifted frequency, a method for detecting a shifted frequency and portable communication apparatus
10 7,274,681 Method of multiplexing information in mobile communications, method and apparatus for decoding transport format combination indicator, and mobile station apparatus, base station apparatus and mobile communication system
11 7,274,668 Method and apparatus for packet transmission and bandwidth guaranteeing method
12 7,274,648 Semiconductor laser drive circuit including a waveform generator voltage-to-current conversion circuit
13 7,274,642 Data recording medium, data recording method and apparatus, data reproducing method and apparatus, data transmitting method, and data receiving method
14 7,274,635 Method and apparatus for recording address information on disc medium
15 7,274,631 Optical-disc driving apparatus, optical-disc driving method, storage medium, and program
16 7,274,482 System and method for viewing and selecting photographs using TV
17 7,274,376 Special effect device, address signal generating device, address signal generating method and address signal generating program
18 7,274,314 Character-information conversion apparatus and method for converting character information
19 7,274,210 Semiconductor integrated circuit
20 7,274,207 Semiconductor-integrated circuit utilizing magnetoresistive effect elements
21 7,274,142 Display unit having sealing structure and manufacturing method of same
22 7,274,113 Power supply circuit and electronic device
23 7,273,774 Method for making thin-film semiconductor device
24 7,273,163 Non-contact IC card
25 D551,688 Video camera
26 D551,669 Adaptor for a storage medium
27 D551,652 Disc player
28 D551,651 Disc player