Sony patents granted on 26 April 2016

60 US patents granted on 26 April 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,988 Semiconductor integrated circuit
2 D754,658 Arithmetic and control unit
3 9,326,405 Electronic device
4 9,326,295 Method and apparatus for transmitting a-priori information in a communication system
5 9,326,289 Method and apparatus for power control in a radio communication system
6 9,326,130 Communication method and apparatus
7 9,326,120 Communication apparatus and communication control method
8 9,326,058 Control method of mobile terminal apparatus
9 9,326,048 Radio communication apparatus, radio communication method, and program
10 9,325,970 Imaging control device and imaging control method
11 9,325,946 Content processing apparatus and method, and program
12 9,325,934 Image processing system and method
13 9,325,931 Content display-playback system, content display-playback method, recording medium having content display-playback program recorded thereon, and operation control apparatus
14 9,325,921 Method for manufacturing an imaging apparatus having a frame member covering a pad
15 9,325,918 Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, solid-state imaging device, image processing method and program
16 9,325,912 Exposure control unit, exposure controlling method, and image pickup unit
17 9,325,904 Image processing device, image processing method and program
18 9,325,862 Server, client terminal, system, and storage medium for capturing landmarks
19 9,325,779 Information processing device, information processing method, and computer program
20 9,325,754 Information processing device and information processing method
21 9,325,673 Communication system and communication method
22 9,325,554 Receiving device, receiving method, and program
23 9,325,448 Transmission and receiver apparatus and methods
24 9,325,430 Communication system and communication apparatus
25 9,325,387 Communication device, communication method, program and communication system
26 9,325,385 User equipment, communication method, program, and communication system
27 9,325,367 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system, wireless communication method and program
28 9,325,202 Power control device, power control method, and feed system
29 9,325,101 Adapter for a recording medium
30 9,325,064 Mobile terminal
31 9,325,042 RF front end module and mobile wireless device
32 9,325,008 Solid electrolyte battery and positive electrode active material
33 9,324,940 Storage element, memory and electronic apparatus
34 9,324,935 Storage element and storage device
35 9,324,753 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing a solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
36 9,324,751 Image sensor, production method therefor, and inspection apparatus
37 9,324,750 Imaging device and imaging apparatus
38 9,324,738 Pixel circuit and display device
39 9,324,514 Key input device
40 9,324,424 Memory device and access method
41 9,324,354 Barium ferrite magnetic storage media
42 9,324,340 Methods and apparatuses for use in animating video content to correspond with audio content
43 9,324,334 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program
44 9,324,297 Image display unit, method of driving image display unit, signal generator, signal generation program, and signal generation method
45 9,324,296 Image processing apparatus, method and program
46 9,324,162 Image processing apparatus, method, and program
47 9,324,124 Image processing apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium for controlling the display of an image
48 9,323,495 Display, client computer device and method for displaying a moving object
49 9,323,410 User input displays for mobile devices
50 9,323,407 Electronic device and method of processing user actuation of a touch-sensitive input surface
51 9,323,387 Display device, position correction method, and program
52 9,323,351 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
53 9,323,342 User interface with location mapping
54 9,323,310 Mobile client device, operation method, and recording medium
55 9,323,138 Image output device, image output method, and program
56 9,323,046 Illumination device and image display apparatus
57 9,323,040 Eyepiece lens system and image observation device
58 9,323,037 Biological image presentation device, biological image presentation method, program, and biological image presentation system
59 9,322,782 Image obtaining unit and image obtaining method
60 9,320,965 Information processing system, information processing method, information processing program, and computer-readable storage medium storing the information processing program