Sony patents granted on 26 February 2008

47 US patents granted on 26 February 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 7,337,459 Control method and control equipment
2 7,337,434 Off-device class/resource loading methods, systems and computer program products for debugging a Java application in a Java micro device
3 7,337,320 Streaming system for distributing encrypted data, and streaming method therefor
4 7,337,232 Method and system for providing and controlling sub-burst data transfers
5 7,337,228 Information processing method and apparatus and recording medium for controlling and simplifying a sign-up operation of an apparatus over a network
6 7,337,212 Communication system, communication device and communication method
7 7,337,027 Audio signal reproducing apparatus
8 7,336,929 Short range wireless communication system, portable terminal apparatus, and wireless communication apparatus
9 7,336,926 Communication device and method
10 7,336,848 Method and apparatus for improving picture sharpness
11 7,336,832 Processor and processing method for an image signal, image display apparatus, generation apparatus and generation method for coefficient data used therein, program for executing each of these methods, and computer-readable medium recording the program
12 7,336,830 Face detection
13 7,336,829 Data processing apparatus and method and recording medium
14 7,336,824 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
15 7,336,818 Image processing device and method, and image-taking device
16 7,336,799 Digital watermark embedding device and digital watermark embedding method
17 7,336,792 Virtual acoustic image localization processing device, virtual acoustic image localization processing method, and recording media
18 7,336,791 Information processing apparatus
19 7,336,787 Critical packet partial encryption
20 7,336,738 Demodulation timing generation circuit and demodulation apparatus
21 7,336,693 Communication system using ultra wideband signals
22 7,336,681 Data format and data transfer
23 7,336,570 Apparatus and method for adjusting the tilt angle of an optical pickup device
24 7,336,556 Magnetic non-volatile memory device
25 7,336,520 Storage device and semiconductor apparatus
26 7,336,432 Optical pickup and optical disc device
27 7,336,367 Light-receiving/emitting composite unit, method for manufacturing the same, and displacement detection device
28 7,336,289 Projection type display apparatus
29 7,336,273 Power supply voltage converting circuit, control method thereof, display apparatus, and portable terminal
30 7,336,207 Modulation table, modulating apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
31 7,335,539 Method for making thin-film semiconductor device
32 7,334,885 Distribution container and distribution method for liquid-discharging head
33 7,334,878 Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
34 7,334,865 Head cartridge and liquid ejection apparatus
35 7,334,863 Nozzle cap, head cap unit, and liquid ejection head
36 7,334,324 Method of manufacturing multilayer wiring board
37 RE40,094 Computer
38 D562,871 Digital camera
39 D562,865 Camera lens
40 D562,864 Camera lens
41 D562,863 Camera lens
42 D562,862 Camera lens
43 D562,831 Supporter for monitor/television
44 D562,830 Supporter for monitor/television
45 D562,829 Supporter for monitor/television
46 D562,785 Monitor television receiver
47 D562,761 Battery charger